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Speed Test iOS 14 Beta 3 vs iOS 13.6 (iOS 14 Public Beta 3)


The 3rd Beta of iOS 14 is here, and looks like we are now
on a weekly release schedule going forward. It can shift a
day or 2, but if all goes like it did with previous major
releases it should be weekly by now. iOS 14 Beta 3 is a
chunky release around 600MB for each device, so many bug
fixes, and performance improvements I hope. I am a bit late
with this video due to summer vacation, but finally managed
to get it done. Remember that this is still a beta, and much
will improve going forward, still minimum 5-6 beta releases
to go before we will see the final release.

iPhone SE 00:00
iPhone 6S 07:45
iPhone 7 14:40
iPhone 8 20:48
iPhone XR 27:53

Music by Causmic
Track 01 : Business As Usual
Track 02 : Contact
Track 03 : The High Line
Track 04 : Flight to Tunisia
Track 05 : Regrets
Track 06 : Soul Searching

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  1. Rolando Céspedes says

    Thank you for the video! Exactly what I was looking for

  2. Саша Лобанов says

    3:46 I like a new loading animation for Siri in iOS 14 ?

  3. Jwill says

    My Geekbench 5 multi core score is 2760 on my xr running iOS 14 beta 3. Let the update settle for like a day and it should b fine

  4. Chris says

    I swear if apple doesn’t fix that frame drop issue I’m gonna stay away from iPhones it’s always been there in iOS 13 and still present in iOS 14! On my iPhone XR Apple needs to fix this it’s driving me insane

  5. Jabez 115 says

    I’ve just updated to IOS 14 beta 3 (I backed my phone to iCloud before hand) should I enable automatic updates whilst using the beta or no?

  6. Примитивный says

    You would at least be prepared. it is clear that very few people except you are engaged in this. but it would be possible to do the same before recording the video. so that notifications do not come out during the initial call and so on

  7. Alfred Vestas says

    I am satisfied with my iPhone 7 running on ios 14 beta 3.its pretty good than ios 13.6

  8. Mohamed Ahmed says

    ios 14 bad

  9. Venci Nacario says

    27:17 yikes that’s not good for iphone 8 users ??? #unhappycanadian

  10. Awais Wali says

    iOS 14 beta isn’t working well on 6s

  11. J. Scott says

    I know you did a battery test for the first beta, but can you do another battery test for the beta 3? Also, can you have a few other phones this time, such as the iphone 8?

  12. Thor says

    Thanks.. good to see real world performance examples. Do you also do benchmarks like Geekbench?

  13. jack sikora says

    Kinda impressed by the 5 year old A9 processor holding up like a champ

  14. Yakup Çakan says

    is it possible to do a battery test?

  15. ID glory says

    thank you

  16. Siva says

    is that SE capable to the 14 ?because according to the speed test, the performance seems falling down.

  17. גיא דלריה says

    Can you do iPadOS 14 speed tests too,please?

  18. Michael M says

    The swiping in the Home Screen got much more smoother for me on beta 3 on the iPhone 7 before on beta 2 it was glitchy especially I think due to the widgets but no more.

  19. by ViktorReznov says

    iphone se battery worse worse worse dam apple

  20. ٰ ٰ says
  21. Саша Лобанов says

    0:39 look at “Music” app on iOS 14. It has the red icon (which was used from iOS 7.0 to iOS 8.3). Is it a bug? Or they want to bring back that icon? ?

  22. Mingming says

    Good performance from XR. Btw, what is wrong with the multicore scores from a11 and a12 chip? ?

  23. Evpatiy says

    These low multicore scores make me nervous.

  24. D.S says

    Wait battery test

  25. Harshit Garg says

    Waiting for battery life comparison……..

  26. j says

    Been waiting for this. Thank you so much!

  27. Abhinav Kumar says

    Third party apps opening up faster on 6s for iOS 14…..that seems like an improvement

  28. iAppleBytes says

    Tried to put the tripod on the other side of the phones for the 7,8 and XR. Much more clearance to work without the tripod being in the way, but not look too good, what do you think?… mistake if you ask me.

  29. Tayeb AlOmari says

    How to go from developer beta to public beta

  30. Andy Hully says

    Super !!!

  31. Thiện Nguyễn says


  32. ПОЦ says


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