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Special Report – Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​


Rajya Sabha TV travelled to Israel to see its most successful venture that is agriculture! Its a special report in half an hour in English!
Israel: miracle in agriculture.

Anchor: Akhilesh Suman

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. sahil gambhir says

    Stupid Anchor ?
    Instead of him Rstv , should have sent the narrator to cover the report

  2. Himangshu Arnheim Bora says

    Zion Saffron Brotherhood????


    Israel has proved the saying justified that when you have plenty, you don't respect that. However if you have very little, you treasure it. A country not having enough land, water & other resources, still makes the most of whatever it has. Even a single life is important to them. Obviously, Israel loves it's people, and it's people love israel. I have always been a big fan of the Japanese & Israelis.

  4. Abhishek Rana says

    Long live India Isreal friendship
    Jews and Hindus are brothers ?

  5. allyn k says

    God's chosen people..God given wisdom

  6. Amal Nath says

    God bless Israel
    Jai Hind

  7. isaac sabu says


  8. Amit dalvi Dalvi says

    Israil and India are friendly and peace loving countries .

  9. Jose Torrejon says

    This is the Miracle and the Gift to Israel from the living and true GOD.

  10. Ali gatore says

    Pffff miracle ? ou modification de la nature, des molécules, adn et j'en passe pour le profit ?!!! C'est une abomination se qu'il font. Et parler du fleuve qu'ils ont asséché pour faire pousser des plantes dans le désert.
    Ce fleuve qui alimentais en eau plusieurs pays à atteins un niveau de non retour.

  11. Sai Bhargavi Maryala says

    israelis are a lot wth common sense in their innovations…..godblessed

  12. Rana Chaudhury says

    Wonderful and fantastic Nation called Israel…A Gr8 Friend of India…Long Live India Israel Friendship…I simply love Israel….very intilligent class of people…God Saves Israel and its Good people from the devils around…..

  13. Syeed Ali says

    ND what about Muslims history in phalestine

  14. Ajay Banshkar says

    Wow great great great, Indian govt must learn from Israel

  15. Nelson Chinasamy says

    Less than 5 million people can do this, but Over 100 million surrounding Israel want what less than 5 million people accomplished. Disgraceful.

  16. Sutra-The solution says

    ये लवडा महाराष्ट्रयीन है

  17. Monsur Alrizver says

    Hi guy may be you forget here also living Muslim

  18. Jivan Oli says

    wwo supra biuti full cuntri .I'm forma Nepal

  19. Yashika rajwanshi says

    Wow….and in india we have everything ,every climate every soil but this education and research lack is the reason for its failure ,it can be amazing here ,better then this

  20. Jamal El Mansouri says

    Esta tierra no es Israel, es Palestina ocupada, Israel no existe en el planeta.

  21. Khaled Hasanat says


  22. sanjay maurya says


  23. Nikola Tesla says

    India and Israel are siblings from same mother

  24. Rohit singh says

    I am interested agreechltar…pls call me +918750063201

  25. JagRaj Fitness says

    Salute??????. Just imagine the day we too achive this level of farming in our country!

  26. Stevhan Hughes says

    Those oranges look just wonderful, I would love to have a sack of them here just now. I wonder are they sold here in the USA?

  27. M S says

    Muslim borders = looming war! So called peace loving religion. Lots of love to Israel.

  28. Waseem Ahmed C says

    Israel is son of America ???

  29. Felipe Martinez says

    Israel is sodisloyal to God that they rejet the son of jehovah and execute him by the roman.

  30. sky 5 says

    ?? ❤ ??

  31. Ashima Lal says

    Shalom..Praise Israel Praise Jerusalem from the heart of India

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