SPECIAL REPORT: China's deadly coronavirus cover-up

Chinese journalists have shed light on their country’s deadly coronavirus cover-up which has led to tens of thousands of deaths and sent global economies crashing to a halt.

Sky News Australia presents COVID-19: Ground Zero – an investigation into what caused the killer coronavirus and how China managed to bury the truth for so long.

South China Morning Post news editor Josephine Ma told Sky News her government covered up more than 200 cases of coronavirus in 2019, delaying global warnings and allowing the spread of the virus to leak into other countries.

Ground Zero also details the incredible steps nations around the world are taking to minimise the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Communist China, like the Communist Russians worked with the DNC (Democrats) to bring instability into America for one reason alone.

    To overthrow the duely elected President in America.

    Treason unpunished continues to fester until "We the People" rise and take up arms to rid America of this infection within our Freedoms.

    America's people awaits that call but patience grows thin among those who would stand and fight for the freedoms we've watched pissed away by a backboneless leadership over the last 3+ decades.

    In My Opinion.

  2. Everyone is sure the pandemic will end. Maybe it won’t ever end, maybe this is a weapon, it’s working pretty good as one. Maybe instead of dropping a bomb, they dropped a virus. Some People are not recovering well, it destroys all organs, causes schizophrenia and it can be caught more than once. I’m staying away from people, wearing my mask & praying for our lives.

  3. This is so untrue.Most of the world got the clear message from China and quickly got the virus under control. Only Trump says it is a joke and now blaming China .

  4. I KNOW that the WHO will lock down Beijing to prevent the second outbreak of Covid to spread to the rest of the world. They do care, don't they?? Or was Trump right to defund them?

  5. China on USA hype for more bad ass attitudes in their multi cults sects of bad apples etc. Gold diggers of the highest order to/on others monies etc for their going-ons, no interest in sexes, colours race of other BLM etc. Equality in sexes, respect goodwill, health & well being to all citizens on flat etc earth & less of Rome/s pontificating for more wars for 2000 yrs in Proxy, in Doctored hatred by psycho-ops to/in Data/s etc. Peace of the prophets & LOL.

  6. The President was forbidding travel from China into the US while democrats across the country we're calling Trump a racist & urging people to go eat in Chinese restaurants…not to mention Democratic governors in several states were putting infected elderly
    In with uninfected in care facilities for the elderly..
    any one over the age of 12 knows that's criminal negligence…

  7. China forbid travel inside china but allowed international travel by the residents of Wuhan….
    That makes the virus an intentional attack by the ccp …why does the gov not protect us ? Why doesn't our gov retaliate ?

  8. It's all made up my FOLKS it's all made up ..it is a Hollywood story nr one in the last 1000 years please look this how they plan the whole thing. This plan was made in September 2019!!!
    The plan is to destroy all global economy the people should lost their jobs and all they possess can't pay a rent give up their own houses property . So those who are planning all this could buy all those company's who declared bankruptcy and take all your property's that you can not pay them anymore. Many people would lost their jobs and their would be enough cheap working hand for them. They would bring laws for a obligatory vaccinations with a chip inside so they can track every move you made and kill you if you don't obey their laws. The main AIM is completely weather Ownership till year 2025 achieved through HAARP and Geoengineering technology as well completely mind control through 5G technology. So please don't be afraid from the new deadly virus as it is another form from all those SARS virusis that they made in their labor world wide so they can use them as a biological weapon or as an FEAR management so that they could push further their unhuman totalitary agendas 21 and 30 please inform you what this agendas are see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqMe1DH3qrU So don't let you to be distracted from this Bigest problems that wir are facing at the moment. We have to stop all this sick agendas as well all this sick technologies

  9. And the sad thing is no one is talking about China because suddenly the media is screaming racism around the world it would seem the Chinese have paid them to say this so everyone's looking in the other direction


  11. My respond to Not J. : Hopefully in 2022 n the years to come, we will watch these records with THE CHINESE PEOPLE who have truly liberated themselves from CCP grip. Xi Jin Ping and the top brass CCP members are doing their time in hells or jails. Amen !

  12. Historically, there has never been a single country to curb a pandemic-level virus within Ground Zero. Neither has there ever been a country that could accurately report on a pandemic in the first few weeks of the outbreak as Ground Zero. Name me a single country who has ever done that as Ground Zero? Why? Because it's almost impossible. You call it lies and deceitful behaviour of China, but if the USA was Ground Zero, this would have been EVEN WORSE. The US clearly often withholds information from the public. Freedom of press does not mean freedom of information that can affect the state and incite mass panic. And the USA would not even have been able to shut down their entire economy within a month. China did. But you think any other nation on Earth would have done that? No. because their citizens have too much freedom and a lockdown without clear grounds would never have worked until you had thousands deads to prove to their population.
    So why the double standards when it comes to China?

    These reporters are either flat out dumb, intellectually lazy or both.

    They ALWAYS have to take complex issues and dumb it down to ONE variable to match their simplistic and limited thinking abilities.

    Let's have a look at how these simpletons think to cater for the equally left looney simpleton viewers.

    1) Climate change = dumbed down to ONE variable CO2.

    Climate changes due to hundreds of variables and they choose ONE called CO2 as being the SOLE cause of climate change.

    And they say climate "change" as if that is something abnormal or unusual that we should be worried about. Climate change is NORMAL and has been happening for millions of years including ice ages and warmer periods.

    Fire season is NORMAL.
    Drought season is NORMAL.
    Cyclone season is NORMAL.
    Rainy season is NORMAL.
    Winter is NORMAL.
    Spring is NORMAL.
    Summer is NORMAL.
    Autumn is NORMAL.
    High tide, low tide and spring tides are NORMAL.

    We know well in advance they are coming and should prepare for them … it is not the end of the world simpletons.

    CO2 only makes up 0.04% of atmospheric gases and atmospheric gases are themselves only ONE of the many categories that cause the climate to change.

    2) Pay gap = dumbed down to ONE variable called gender.

    Pay differences happen due to multiple variables of which there are many and the most significant of those are the INDIVIDUAL'S FREE PERSONAL CHOICE to work in lower paying jobs, less dangerous jobs, part-time jobs, to mention but a few.

    But the simpletons have to dumb it down to ONE variable called "gender" and then demand quotas to give them an unfair outcome not available to anyone else.

    And then they wonder why society hates feminists.

    3) COVID-19 = dumbed down to ONE solution, lock everyone up and don't let them get near each other.

    This is the first time in global pandemic history that the HEALTHY population has been put under virtual house arrest representing 90% of the population.


    Any global pandemic play book tells you to isolate the sick, the frail and those with compromised immune systems … for COVID-19 those were primarily the 70 and 80 year olds with COMPROMISED immune systems.

    But the simpleton Marxist media and gutless, stupid political leaders bow to the media hype and fearmongering.

    In Australia our normal flu season on average has 300,000 cases of flu each year across the main flu period of 3 months.

    We have on average 180,000 hospitalisations … and wait for it … 3,500 deaths.

    For COVID-19 we only had 100 deaths over the same period and it was potentially lethal to mainly people who are 70 and 80 years old.

    And, the piss weak, simpleton politicians SHUT THE ENTIRE ECONOMY DOWN off yet another hoax using ONE DEVASTATING solution … putting 90% of the HEALTHY population under virtual house arrest.

    When is this madness going to stop.

    And when are the general population going to refuse to follow draconian illegal draconian 'laws' that remove their basic freedoms and right to feed their families.

    Enough is enough of this fearmongering by simpletons to simpletons who fall for it EVERY TIME.

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