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SPANISH POOL CLUB EXPERIENCE | Teen Workout Lifestyle Motivation | Back and Shoulders Workout





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  1. pop says

    I want to make videos like this soo bad, but my friend is not into that film me when im trainng.

  2. kkitetsu says

    Y'all remember his "14 year old workout" video. Yeah..

  3. Salvatore Mannina says

    The best !!!?????

  4. M. S. the bodybuilder says

    You look perfect

  5. NicC_Fit says

    Best duo there is?

  6. josh rasor says

    What’s that’s sweet ones @ on the right in the pool ?

  7. subscribe for subscribe says

    9:15 is that mia khalifa

  8. subscribe for subscribe says

    Just out of curiosity how big are your biceps I'd say about 14" -15"

  9. Mark Holt says

    i don't wanna seem intrusive bro, but are you gay?

  10. subscribe for subscribe says

    I love the video but when u took your top off at the gym thats just so arrogant and cringey especially in front of people

  11. matt english says

    Looking big but I really think you’d reap the rewards of a fuller range of movement in your form bro

  12. Ferdy Stan says

    How do you not get fat with cereal and burgers

  13. Cnyc says

    Question. Just started gym and feeling all the aches and pains around my body. It’s been a week. How do i know if my muscles are growing / getting bigger? Eg my chest / shoulders

  14. Sergio Yate Alzate says

    Viva españa ostiaaa

  15. Dare Or die says


  16. Prod Philip! says

    Too bolo, I wouldn’t be surprised if u start acting soon

  17. Elliot Brandon says

    This looked sooo lit

  18. Jake Duxbury says

    Working out half naked ? This must be some homosexual gym.

  19. David Edits says

    Brooo check out my insane edits

  20. David Edits says

    Please check out my insane edits

  21. David Morales says

    COVID? Nah? ?

  22. sxmi says

    You could pass as a 21 y/o effortlessly with a build like that ?

  23. The Man says

    Almost like there’s not a world pandemic going on right guys right ?????

  24. skip66 says

    tjis man is becoming huge

  25. Jouvele Lawrence says

    Snm patterned the sweetones only right ??

  26. My Life says

    This edit is sick. Big link up. Have to say Nate looks very aesthetic.

  27. JosueBandz says

    Imma start working out brother any tips I’m 14 btw love ur vids

  28. MMA World! says

    What’s mad I thought Nathaniel wouldn’t be no where near as big as you but tbf he’s not that small compared to you, madness, not taking anything away from any of you, both units

  29. Samuel Crook says

    11:16 Nathanial accomplished his dreams

  30. Coffin Dance says

    Why do you not bring the bar down when you do lat pull down??

  31. Jack Williams says

    Massiah on the pull ?

  32. Amanda Warnke says

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  33. Oliver Burrows says

    Great content, keep it up

  34. Liam - says

    You going somewhere bro

  35. Kaneba says

    I smiled when I saw Nathaniel with the females
    I don’t know why..

  36. Masouri says

    Imagine going for a quick dip and you see these 2 in the middle of the pool ?

  37. Abdul Khan says

    Good vid need better music didn’t get me gassed at all

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