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I spent 2 weeks in Spain on a Contiki tour. We visited Madrid, Segovia, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Pamplona, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Ibiza, Granada, Gibraltar, Seville, Cordoba, and Toledo. I have full detailed blog posts on each city and tour review on my blog!


Contiki Spanish Spree Review ▹



▹ Madrid:
▹ Segovia:
▹ Bilbao:
▹ San Sebastian:
▹ Pamplona:
▹ Zaragoza:
▹ Barcelona:
▹ Ibiza:
▹ Granada:
▹ Gibraltar:
▹ Seville:
▹ Cordoba:
▹ Toledo:

▹ TRYP Madrid Chamartin Hotel:
▹ Hotel Los Angeles Granada:



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  1. My Fitness Euphoria says

    I love love love the video footage you took during your vacation. I'm traveling to Europe in less than two months and I hope I can capture something good. Haven't traveled with Contiki before, were they good?

  2. Fiona I Am says

    Spain is one of my dream destinations ?

  3. Jessica Bee says

    Everything looks so cool and pretty! Definitely a must visit!

  4. Keeping It Cute With Ki says

    Everything looks so beautiful I love this video it shows their culture very well thanks for sharing

  5. OOP DEDIKK says

    I went to Barcelona, just remembered those nice memories. Nice footages from Spain.

  6. kellebaby says

    The footage you took were breathtaking. Spain is now on my travel list.

  7. Marissa Jonasson says

    love this! I spent one summer in Barcelona, Granada and Madrid all amazing

  8. Kera Nichelle says

    It looks so beautiful there. You looked like you enjoyed yourself.

  9. Arial’Monique says

    looks sooo cool! Glad you had a good time

  10. verytrustysource says

    Spain is definitely on my bucket list. ??? Looks like you had so much fun !

  11. MissExclusive4 says

    Your travel videos always inspire my desire to see the world. That beach and beautiful blue water OMG. Added Spain to the bucket list.

  12. Nesrine Bee says

    Waw too many places in just 2 weeks it looks so much fun I need to visit Spain now thanks to you I know some places where to start


    Nice video. The editing is perfect. It was fun to watch

  14. Tiffany Khyla says

    I've always wanted to travel with Contiki! Spain is definitely on my bucket list. I can't believe how many cities you were able to visit in just 2 weeks. It looks like you had an absolute blast!

  15. GiGi EatsCelebrities says

    Spain is TOPS on my list!!!! Want and need to go and explore! I keep telling my husband THIS is where I want to go NEXT!

  16. Mel Ho says

    Wow love the editing and music! Ibiza looks so pretty and fun and that food tho ? I want to go there now!

  17. Toricreations says

    Beautiful ?? I wanna go back

  18. Princesa says

    I love the way you edited this, it’s amazing. looks like you had a lot of fun ✨

  19. Florian H. Wave says

    Weird question, but did you get sick during the trip? I have done some research on Contiki and it seems like everyone gets a really serious cough, which would suck quite a lot…
    And did you travel with a suitcase or only with a big backpack?
    Love the video! 🙂

  20. przychodzkipl - aviation & travel says

    Beautiful video. Liked.

  21. myVideoMedia says

    beautiful video and impressions! Best wishes and all the best!

  22. Rahat Arora says

    Ohh gosh Spain is amazing and so your experience. Like the video

  23. The Stewart Menage says

    so cute, I lived in Barcelona Spain for 1 year!! just subscribed! Please subscribe back! Lets support eachother!

  24. Felicia Crowe says

    You have amazing editing. You got great shots of your visit there. Looks like you enjoyed yourself. Thumbs up. Full view

  25. Coffy n Clicks says

    nice and cute video ever love it….huge big thumbsup to you woww really amazing dear

  26. FeliciaMarieTV says

    Spain is very high up on my travel bucket list! A two week tour sounds amazing – did you find that it was enough time?

  27. MUAHD Jessica Smith says

    You did a great job editing this! So many cities! Looks like the trip of a lifetime!? so jealous!


    love views of Zaragoza..well actually I like all the views. I love traveling videos.

  29. Karen Vee says

    Really well done! So glad you got to have such an amazing experience!

  30. MarshaunO says

    I’m always in awe when I see such beautiful architecture. I mean how long did it take for such beauty to be finished? I can’t wait to go there… Barcelona in particular.

  31. liz justine says

    The editing is on point!

  32. Yoga Inspired Living says

    So many beautiful places!! It looks like you had a great 2 week vacation! 🙂

  33. Lollipop Couture says

    This looks amazing! So many beautiful places.

  34. Esperanza Lorena says

    I love Spain! Great video girl 😀

  35. des mercene says

    omg i love this!! spain is included in my bucket list as well 🙂

  36. Travelstride says

    Definitely adding this tour to my personal bucket list, looks like you had an awesome time in Spain! I think your fellow travelers would love to hear about your experience with Contiki. Care to leave a review on our site? If so you can do so here: https://www.stridetravel.com/write-a-review?a Feel free to leave a link to your video as well!

  37. masonandmiles says

    ah i went to ireland with contiki!

  38. Couple2Love says

    Looks like you had an amazing trip! You were all over Spain! The food looks amazing and the beaches are beautiful! Such a pretty country, I enjoyed watching!

  39. Alexia Danielle Anast says

    This is beautiful! ? I want to go now!

  40. PisceanBeaúte LivyLiv says

    Thanks for vlogging this wonderful travel vlog! I really enjoyed it!

  41. Vivian Nweze says

    Omg Spain looks so beautiful. You got some amazing shots, especially of the architecture!

  42. Alaina Nicole says

    Love the editing ? looked so fun!!

  43. Andy Wah says

    it looks awesome. I wish I go to Spain it looks like a beautiful country to visit

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