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South Holland (Seton Academy) vs Harrisburg: IHSA 2A Basketball Championship Ejection


An ejection in the IHSA 2A Basketball Championship game between South Holland (Seton Academy) vs. Harrisburg on March 9, 2013. The player received one technical foul for unsporting conduct, then a 2nd for contact with an official.

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  1. mattybee1856 says

    Awesome! You are a CERTIFIED HIGH SCHOOL basketball referee. This adds ZERO credibility to your "description" of what took place. Passing a multiple choice test does not mean that you have a clue about the game. In reality, the official couldn't have handled it more perfectly. If you are indeed a basketball referee quit. Your judgement and your eyes suck.

  2. redbirds3210 says

    The ref was on the baseline. How did he miss that call in the back? The other ref was on his way to report the foul. The second person always gets caught. It's the rule of thumb. The ref that gave the T is a very good official and deserved to be there. There were bad calls, good calls. It's the game of basketball. You can't ever touch an official. All the right calls were made except no one was able to see the light push in the back.

  3. Nas Dispacio says

    What an unfortunate series of over-reactions. Let the boys play ball

  4. chums101 says

    Yes it was racially motivated….sigh….#getreal

  5. jcoyden says

    As a CERTIFIED IHSA basketball ref, I see what happened here exactly. There was a handcheck foul called against blue #11. However after the whistle #11 also shoves the player from Seton #4 in the back. This is CLEARLY seen at the :19 second mark. Player #4 says something to player #11 about the push, the ref thinks he's taunting and gives him a tech but he MISSED the shove. #4 is then trying to explain to the ref what #11 did with his hands and makes contact. It's not malicious. The ref effd up

  6. Cara Schmidt says

    Look Harrisburg tends to cross the line with their play, but no player, coach, or anyone affiliated with their school contacted an official in the game I watched in person in Peoria. Much less"grabbed" or "spun around". That did not happen. Perhaps you were enjoying your Saturday night a little too much, were misinformed, or just simply have an active imagination. I don't appreciate Harrisburg's style of play, but your interpretation of an event that had one of them assault an official is w

  7. Cara Schmidt says

    Snuf he did cost his team a state championship…no doubt about it. Chum…give me a break at no time in the history of basketball could you touch an official. Kids get away with more today than ever before.

  8. Snuffy Magoo says

    A true player only looks at the scoreboard to justify himself. The score as what? 23-15. Just go to the other end and make it 25-15 and continue stomping. He probably cost the team a state championship.

  9. chums101 says

    Back in my day we could put a ref in a headlock if we didn't like the call

  10. Tim Richardson says

    Young punk got what he deserved. What is the controversy here?

  11. Steady_MiLL says

    come on man, if thats the case, then every team is dirty. Smithpeters did nothing but "urk" him a little bit (what competitors do) and it worked out in his favor. Dennis Rodman won the bulls a lot of ball games doing the exact same thing.

  12. brentkohl says

    Actually, I think the foul call was prior to the hand on the back at the end of the drive. Nevertheless, it wasn't a malicious shove or anything. It's hard to even detect it with the human eye. The player should have just shot the free throws and not reacted.

  13. brentkohl says

    Now wait a second. You're expressing your attitude toward the official, but doesn't the same apply to #4? He reacts to a pretty light touch by jawing with the defender. By your logic, he should get over himself and shoot the free throws. Why does your sensitivity with light contact only extend to officiating? Shouldn't the players be even MORE willing to avoid such confrontation? I'm sorry, but I don't see your logic here.

  14. Stormy Strait says

    I believe IHSA is the ones to blame here the officiating of basketball games since I was in high school basketball have become horrendous.1998 I'm not saying all officials because I have seen good groups. IHSA needs to look at themselves FIRST. I think what has happened here is a DIRECT reflection of what IHSA has let there Officials BECOME.They let kids get away with way too much contact these days. If I could have done the stuff they get away with this days no one would have ever scored apoint

  15. Stormy Strait says


  16. Cara Schmidt says

    I am not saying smithpeter is a choir boy, in fact I said he was in violation. It doesn't excuse the actions of weems. It doesn't excuse the utter disrespect show by his coaches and his team after the game either.

  17. addeisdead says

    I don't want to condone Weems' actions, but I will say this. As someone who has watched this Harrisburg squad play a lot over the last two years, I can tell you that they love to play dirty. I have seen them deliver elbows to other players' heads, even once during a dead ball. They like to make little jabs at ribs and shove players in the back after plays, like Smithpeters did here. They are also VERY mouthy, and on one occasion I even saw a player come off the bench to go after a ref.

  18. Jon R says

    As an official I NEVER touch a player, even to help them off the floor. We are taught not to. Also, a player should NEVER ever touch an official for any reason. Once he put his hands on the official he was going to be ejected. I don't think the contact was severe or malicious, it was inappropriate and needed to be penalized. The contact alone would have been enough for the ejection regardless if it was his second T or not. I'm not sure I would have tossed him myself, but I support call.

  19. chums101 says

    It's bush's fault!

  20. Cara Schmidt says

    If the chatter that goes on in high school basketball continues to be allowed between players and toward officials on behalf of players we are going to have more of this. Players need to play, let the officials call the game as they see it. There is too much conversation between players and officials which opens the door for the belief that they can approach and question with every stoppage of play. If clarification needs to be made it should be between the officials and the coaches.

  21. colbymercury says

    Who cares, that was not the first and last shove of the game. Like Seton didn't shove or charge over anyone all night. Harrisburg played sound fundamental basketball like it should be played plain and simple. Like there is never contact or mouthing in Chicago High School games.

  22. 5papa says

    The player was wrong for touching the official and deserved the Technical. The ref could have avoided this if he had stepped in and told both players to shut their mouths prior to the first T. He could have done a little preventive officiating but chose not to. It looked like both players were jawing at one another. I did not like the Harrisburg team nor it's coach. Coach from Seton was a jerk also.

  23. Cara Schmidt says

    I'm not sure what to say to you Gaspar. You don't get it and won't get it. The ref missed the bump, to which the player chose to swell up and move toward the defender. The defenders extra push was wrong. The ref missed it, but the actions of the offensive player were harder to miss. Not quite as hard to miss as the touch of said ref. All actions were penalties, two of the three were seen.

  24. John Paulson says

    He may have said something to the official that was not audible but was worthy of a T.

  25. John Paulson says

    You touch an official in ANY sport and you havbe earned yourself an ejection. It so happens here they had the choice of how to toss him as he had already been hit with 1

  26. outdudedoors says

    I was there and saw this. He got what he deserved. The bad part was when the coach "gave back"his medallian , as did many , if not all , of the team.The part , I think was bad, is when the team went to the locker room and dint accept their trophy. Leadership and sportsmanship , start at the top.

  27. Flonne Rembert says

    The first T looked a bit questionable, the second was not.

  28. Randy Wilson says

    ModaV2, you really don't get it do you? The emphasis on this game is SPORTSMANSHIP. This is discussed in every captain's meeting before every game. You jaw at your opponent, you should expect to get a technical foul. Otherwise, taunting rules the gym. As for touching the official, that should really be obvious, if it's not, don't lace up your shoes. Never, never touch the ref.

  29. VerstOne says

    If a T is called for every word that's said on the court, there wouldn't be sports anymore. I thought this was a State game? competition? #4 said maybe 2 words and walked by him. he was ready for the next play after the foul. The ref blew this out of proportion in the first place.

  30. Cara Schmidt says

    I was at the game. It is too bad that he chose to plead his case so aggressively. I also coach and kids need to stop talking and play. He was the best player in the floor and should have let his game do the talking.
    As for the post game fiasco there is no excusing the actions of the coaching staff or his players. A true shame for them, their families, their school and the IHSA.


    Seton Academy Showed no class around… sad that playing for something that will be a highlight for many years to come for these kids they act like thugs and disgrace IHSA…From The Chicago Tribune: "We told them to come out there (on the court), and if they were not out there by the time Harrisburg (was done) they would not receive their trophy, ever," Illinois High School Association executive director Marty Hickman said. "They chose not to come out. We've never had that happen before."

  32. A Smith says

    Don't touch the ref. Whether you are some kid from South Holland or LeBron James: You don't touch the ref.

    It's just too bad the Seton coaches didn't use this as a character building moment for the team. In life, things don't always go your way. Sometimes the punishment is greater than the 'crime'. Too bad, get over it and move on and move up.

  33. Leo Driscoll says

    Wow looks like Smithpeters got away with an elbow or push in the back of Weems after the original foul was called. Weems should have NOT contacted the official but it appears that he was trying to plead his case not shoving the official.

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