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South Africa Travel Guide – Dos and Donts


A dedicated website for travel Taboos, Dos and Donts of world popular destinations, such as South Africa. Come to visit this website for details and to share your good and bad travel experiences to enhance others’ knowledge.

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  1. Ajay Solomon says

    wtf????As a South African I found this to be absolutely,positively down right a whole lot of BULL SHIT???

  2. Tabur TheCarGuy says

    Most things here are lies

  3. Michael Samuels says

    Kak video.

  4. Sinead McPhail says

    Absolute nonsense… Where did you even find this information?

  5. Darryl Beckmann says

    Wot a load of crap !!!

  6. Niklaus Mikaelson says

    total bullshit

  7. nayahri says

    I don't even live in SA, and even I know that this is BS.

  8. Wolf ShadowWhisper says

    You obviously know nothing about South Africa. I think your channel are the most uneducated B S on Youtube. You definitely do not know anything about doing research and in the wise words of the owl from the Animals of Farthing Wood:"There are none so blind as those who do not see." You ignorance towards other cultures are pathetic. BTW In which part of South Africa are women not allowed to go out alone in public. I have met hundreds of women here and none of them ever had to have a man or someone to accompany them. Women's Rights are highly respected and celebrated in South Africa. Wake up and smell the coffee, people, you have a LOT to learn about MY world.

  9. Jason Mason says

    What n poes.

  10. LordSlak says


  11. Mavesta says

    Load of BULLSHIT!

  12. Joseph Ashmead says

    As an African born and bred I find this only slightly more amusing then it is offensive. What a load of old rubbish!!!

  13. bloxsclaymation says

    obviously in south Africa they are still effected by the past apatite even after it was abolished

  14. fitley8 says

    What? Where did you get this info? Half are just basic manners you would use in any country in the world and the rest are completely false. Who uses the word "negro" anyway? And "black" is the word almost everyone would use, actually. It doesn't cause offense, depending on what you are saying. And women may do however they please. We have never had rules prohibiting that. SA isn't some strange middle-eastern country.

  15. Michael Workman says

    lol nice waste of my time…

  16. Vanessa Phillips says

    This video is biased and flawed, definitely not talking about SA.

  17. Jessica Janutsch says

    DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS! i have lived in SA all my life- we greet people the same way as other countries,whether you put your napkin on your lap is your choice- i nevr do, asking to take someones picture is a general rule- not unique to SA, the words negro or black are not banned- just don't address someone like 'hey there, negro'…, as for sunbathing nude… i suggest never doing that, nobody cares where u take pics, oh… and woman are def allowed to be in public alone! this is garbage!

  18. Schmidt says

    Ehm, the term "black" is by no means not banned. The "banning" only counts for words like "kaffir".

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