Sony XPERIA 1ii on Android 11: 4K Slow-Mo, Monitor Mode, FASTER Performance! The Check Up!

Sony XPERIA 1ii Android 11 First Look! It’s FINALLY here! Sony’s smartphones were strong performers in 2020, but the USA was one of the last regions to land the Android 11 update. What’s changed? What’s improved? And how harsh should we judge those early benchmarks?
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View: Sony XPERIA 1ii on Android 11: 4K Slow-Mo, Monitor Mode, FASTER Performance! The Check Up!

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25 bình luận trong “Sony XPERIA 1ii on Android 11: 4K Slow-Mo, Monitor Mode, FASTER Performance! The Check Up!

  1. Hold on did you say this design is like 2001 phones? The way I remember 2001 phones they were all round corners, bulging edges and lumpy bumpy bits. It wasn't until the Razr came out in 2004 that we started seeing straight lines, and that was a flip phone.

  2. Wish I could remove the unlock animation. It does get a lock on fingerprints noticeably quicker. Actually all the animation shorting and turning off in dev settings don't work for me. Shame

  3. Juan, I suggest "Long-Term Review." It's the most standardized verbiage you'd want to use. It's parallel to the normalized, already-accepted term, "Short-term Review." Admittedly, it's not catchy, but it's standardized which I think is your intent in making these videos.

    As with all changes in vernacular, repetition is key – the more you use it in your other videos, the more it will become accepted starting with fans of your channel, then eventually the greater population.

  4. btw, juan… are sony and qualcomm talking to each other… qualcomm seem to bring "sonyish" to their socs…
    remember augmented reality on z1 compact, superior auto seemed to be what "ai camera" is doing now…

  5. How's the battery life? On the sub Reddit a lot of people have complained about the battery performance but some had done a factory reset and it fixed the issue and they have better than ever battery performance!

    What's your Xperience like?

  6. Completely agree about the fingerprint sensor!!! When I first got my 1 II many months ago one of my only complaints was how unresponsive the sensor was, I actually forgot about how bad it was because it's great now!

  7. I've had my xperia 1ii for a little over 4 months and I'm loving it. The way they integrated their pro cameras' software into the phone it's something that keeps me really excited up to today. Now I'm always looking for an excuse to take my phone out, play with the camera settings and start taking pictures. It's a really good experience! Another thing I really like about sony phones is that they do keep a dedicated shutter button on the side corner of the phone, that little feature makes the experience of taking pictures so much more enjoyable. Of course there's so many more features that make this a really good phone like the 21:9 cinema view, the 360 sound (with compatible apps), that special feature for battery care and so much more, but for me, it was the camera in this phone that made it the favorite and my daily companion. Now that it runs Android 11 the finger sensor does feel to respond faster as well as side sense. Thanks so much for the videos and please keep the "check up" ones coming.

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