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Solid Groove Music Pack | Groove Jam Remix


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► Background (BETA Original)

╞ BG in the Video:
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  1. TimeLockGames says

    Use Code (B3TA) to support me.
    The End Event music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1MobUh_e1A&t=

  2. chris wevers says

    Yes boss

  3. Sharkboi says

    _ _
    _(^•^)_/ this is beyond Beauty this music
    Got me pumped

  4. Davi Batista says

    This may sound weird but in the "oooh ehh ohhh" part idk It gives me Lion King music vibes

  5. KiNETIKu says

    Finally have every music track so far cos I grinded

  6. Master Piece says

    I only like it until 0:34

  7. Felipe Augusto says

    Like if u have the original dance 🙂

  8. No Internet says

    I have the emote but sadly no internet

  9. Negubru says


  10. Bolting Tortoise says

    My favorite emote has its own music 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  11. DripZi says

    Anyone from season 4?

  12. Carl Respuesto says

    This has always been my favorite emote!

  13. Gucio Official says


  14. Hikari & Snowball says

    Well looks like I'm going to play this game again.

  15. kobedacoby says

    Season 4 Had the best emotes. Including This Obviously 🙂

  16. McNugget says

    I don't like the part from 0:341:50 it doesn't really fit and is not having enough of the normal music

  17. Captain SENZAVOGLIA says

    Can Fortnite do Smooth Moves music pack remix?

  18. MigieX says

    Got bp hopefully I'll grind for this BC this is amazing 😀

  19. Bremenletsplay says

    The Music is the best forever

  20. This Here says

    Season 4 – The last OG season.

  21. TiT4N says

    Unpopular opinion

    0:461:33 is theme is soooo emotional I love it

  22. Sh says

    mmmmm that slap bass…

  23. Williams Jaden says


  24. Yansson69 says

    Rip season 4 😥

  25. Patrik Uosukainen says

    Still the best emote in the game and now we have a music pack to top it off

  26. Emmanuel Lopez says

    I’ve been waiting for this to happen since the beginning of season 6 and it only took a year

  27. Daegos says

    Sounds like one of those 8D videos

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