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Social Determinants of Health – an introduction


The Social Determinants of Health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live and age. They have a large influence on our health. It also determines health inequities, which is the unfair and avoidable health difference between different groups of people In this video we take a look at the social determinants of health..what they are, how it impacts health and a useful framework to understand it.

This video was created by Ranil Appuhamy
Voiceover – James Clark

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  19. Missy V says

    I'm almost sure living on a Kleptacracy and profit 1st planet will move expediently to apply science and updates in knowledge to a socio-economic model that renders a vast improvement in the health of the people and the planet.
    Billions starving and killing for profit is so sane and healthy, right? ?

  20. Really Not sure says

    Thank you so much. Public health is a pain in the ass sometimes.

  21. Brutally Honest says

    Thank you for the reminder that I will never trust a healthcare provider again. EVER.

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