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Soccer Training – Passing Drills 1


Everybody likes to see awesome dribbling skills, beautiful long range shots, and amazing headers – but good soccer players know that in order to make all this happen, you need to know how to pass the ball. The game is all about moving the ball around into advanced positions on the field.

Here are some drills to help improve passing accuracy.

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  1. Lisza Rhain Ruszardi says

    .. .

  2. Kevin Copeland says

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  3. Tikam singh Tikam singh says

    Your you tube channel name is online football traing can take online football traing??🤗🤗

  4. Ragon Maligi says

    Good coach…

  5. احمد ديبالا says

    Wie geht es Ihnen, Kapitän? Ich möchte über meinen Instagram-Account Raha mit Ihnen sprechen


  6. trentaa Liverpool says

    8/7/2020 sir are you alive 😇😊

  7. Reda Tuob says

    💚💛🧡💛💙💜💙💜💚💛🧡🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬 mo salah

  8. LuNcHa BaiTe says


  9. F Rahman says

    pada bae

  10. Martin Hill says

    We have gradually turned players into robots. Too many rules.Most players in real games situations still panic and give the ball away. Teach basics and let freedom and expression breath.

  11. Michael Pagano says

    great drill

  12. dilmao says

    Good skills on these kids. Nice touches.

  13. atlazking1986 says

    let them do it a bit more before yo stop them!! coupleof times before you gie feed back!

  14. Marcos Matos says

    this "coach?" never play soccer before! unreal how many people cheating kids on this sport!

  15. Tyrese Smith says

    all of those players are really good at soccer and passing the ball. I can tell the a very good team

  16. Martin Rønning says

    I would of, if I had the chance. But I was only coaching kids under 10, the youngest of them were 6, and it was only for a week on a football school. The oldest of the lot could well succeeded in this drill, and they might well have needed it, because of constant ball-hogging in the matches we played.

  17. Andy Rivers says

    I hope you seriously consider trying this with your u-10's. This isn't a hard drill for them. It may take a little longer for them to grasp the concept, but they will understand this. I am coaching u-14's and they still don't have the concept of a proper pass. Why? because it is something they should of learned and mastered by the age 10 if not earlier.

  18. MrPazGaming says

    haha. It's different situations for everyone I guess.

  19. Martin Rønning says

    more like the opposite for me! I'm coaching youngsters u10 and this will be too hard for them! Haha

  20. MrPazGaming says

    At the beginning, I was like.. "UGH. freaking kids.." but they're pretty good! Better than me (Even though I've had NO lessons.. but Im 15.) This video isn't going to help me because Im on my own.. but nice anyway I guess..

  21. Surya Lesmana says

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  22. Angel Draganov says

    its about soft touch on the ball coach, its a warmup exercise.

  23. Malia Stapleton says

    wow you're bad

  24. Muhammad Sairofi says

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  25. Rudi Indrawan says

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  26. Foo Beats says

    Actually no 🙂 but sometimes i'd like to research also on youtube for new drills

  27. Wing Chun Kung Fu says

    And you have time to watch this?

  28. Foo Beats says

    No you're right, I'm just a coach with a Uefa B License

  29. Chris Valcamp says

    Is this a right footed passing drill?

  30. Foo Beats says

    The description does not say that. The first thing to learn is to face the direction you have to go. Most of the kids are facing backwards at the end.

    What he should have corrected is that the left side should always pass with left and the right with the right foot, and then simply change the lines of players. The players who use the backfoot are defenitely to slow in playing the ball, and they have to cross more the legs to pass the ball forward….

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