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Soccer Tactics- Top Managers


A review of some top coaches and their ideas

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  1. Duke 323 says

    mou is a good coach but one thing I hate about mourinho is that,he spend most tme thinking about the opponents than how to improve his own players,i don't see any yong star or developing doing good with mourinho

  2. Okay Bro says

    Mourinho is modern day Helenio Herrera

  3. Michael One of many says

    cool video. Thanks

  4. Dave's view says

    song name ?

  5. David Fortes says

    Alex ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelloti, Jurgen Klopp, Jupp Henyckes, Vicente Del Bosque, Pep Guardiola, Manuel Pelegrini, Joachim löw the best managers right now, Wenger is trash and not worthy of this list of greats!! A managers job is to win, not raise money for charity

  6. IamSylvaster2 says

    Jurgen Klopp is the best.. If not him Dortmund would not be so strong.. He's a fucking genius.. Rape RMD 4-2 with his tactics.. Pep Guordiola is also good.. I think this season it will be a tough fight against Dortmund and Bayern

  7. Mislav Pedisic says

    Stone Roses…^^

  8. Ballnah Muratti says


  9. achahbar mohamed says

    jurgen klopp is fucked in bernabeu last tusday tacticly

  10. Origin Nuts says

    Mourinho who?Jurgen Klopp now is the best

  11. Stu Mackenzie says

    I wanna, I wanna, I wanna be a door

  12. cris555000 says

    as a Barcelona fan i believe Mourinho is the greatest coach of our time

  13. Jeppe Riis says

    @Pires7MT let me remind you 6 seasons 4 championships, he came up with the idea to la masia, he founded totalfootball, and he made the barca dream team. Compared to him, Mourinho is trash.

  14. Nuno Pires says

    @jepper511 Cruyff is a genious? on what? badtrashing real madrid? great player no doubts

  15. Jeppe Riis says

    @jepper511 *manager

  16. Jeppe Riis says

    Johan Cruyff should become msnsger for another team than the catalonian… hes a fuckin genius!

  17. Innovater6 says

    mourihno is the best and will go down as the best ever by the time his career is over

  18. Innovater6 says

    @raheelajk wenger should be sacked, no trophy in like 6 years

  19. Maurice Jackson says

    @anger9000 He is a tactical GOD. take the fa cup game against Arsenal crazy….. but GENIOUS a great use of resources

  20. vincent says

    guus hiddink
    van gaal
    van baste (dutch national team euro 2008 beautifull football)
    and the father of dutch football and that from barca
    johan cruijf
    with the legendary words : you don't need to have a good defence, only a good offence! if you score more then you're opponent you win the game!(very differend from the tactics of mourinho :p )
    he's a ginius with football

  21. Raheel Khawaja says

    yeah he is a genius who invest loads of money in players. Look what was his theme at Porto, chelsea, inter and now Real Madrid. Has he done anything with players development.

    When it comes to genius, its Arsene who super seeds all. He converts talent into a finished product.

    wake up rise n shine

  22. Andrew Szlamp says

    Oh is that what it is? I thought you were actually trying to prove crystal palace are better than Doncaster Rovers, wow, so it was banter. lol

    And incase you can't tell I'm being sarcastic.

  23. Andrew Szlamp says

    @Willsy96 and I would like to inform you we have about 10 players fully fit and have to play some in wrong positions and are still way above you in the league. 🙂

  24. Kelvin Kote says

    Massimiliano Allegri should b in this video =D

  25. Andrew Szlamp says

    Arsenal haven't won anything in 6 years.

    Although, I support Doncaster who are all about the passes.

  26. simen666andersen says

    @cookies4ky He is only good because he has the greatest player. If you compare him to mourinho and other great managers, you will se that guardiola suck at tactics. If you see Real Madrid, if they don't get it right in a match, they will use plan B, C or D. But Guardiola just sends his players out on the field with a half plan A.

  27. BudoRuben says

    1: Van gaal!! Give him enough space to do what he wand and he will win all. only he needs time to build up his team like 2/3 seasons mostly!
    2: rinus michels
    3:Guus hiddink
    4: Mourinho
    5: alex ferguson

  28. RyanP says

    david moyes !:p

  29. Yam Nepali says

    jose mourinho is good and has quality player to work with but avram grant even though he got relelgated with portsmount they nearly won the fa cup. now that what we call the tactician

  30. BuffaloBluez says

    I think Mourinho tops all the coaches… to me the man is a fckin Genius…..

  31. Acquired-Taste says

    For all the tactics in the world, you still need quality. Even the best managers, when they are deprived of quality players they suffer. Yes once in a while tactics prevail but in the long run quality rules.

  32. fdief says

    these are only coaches known today in europe… i'd include some forgotten south american jewels, such as vicente feola or tele santana. And some modern ones, such as bielsa, mano menezes or abel braga…

  33. 5aled32 says

    Fabio capello
    Marcello lippi
    Jose Mourinho
    Philipe Scolari
    Guus Hiddink
    Pep Guardiola
    Cesare Prandelli
    Hellinio Herrera
    all time best

  34. rebelred1001 says

    Love d stone roses gr8 stuff

  35. BudoRuben says

    where are the best and most famous coaches (the duch coaches) Like

    johan cruyff
    Guus hiddink
    wiel coerver (more trainer)
    van basten
    foppe de haan

    and more.

  36. xblackspot says

    Louis van Gaal

    FC Bayern Munich

  37. Harish N says

    Quite frankly , being a chelsea fan, i like t gunners style a bit. But i found them trying to play too many passes near or even inside the box.

  38. Khaoz67 says

    guus hiddink is a fucking genious!

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