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Soccer Legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic Reads His Favorite 'Zlatan Facts'


A man so legendary that Chuck Norris started writing facts about him, Zlatan Ibrahimovic sat down with Bleacher Report to read some of his favorite ‘Zlatan Facts.’

A special thanks to Paris Saint-Germain, the @ZlatanFacts Twitter account and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

There is only one Zlatan.

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  1. MaC BlaZe says

    A comments section about zlatan facts is a stand-up comedy special in itself

  2. Matija Štraser says

    Zlatan drove his mom out the hospital when he was born

  3. Ashok John says

    Zlatan drops presents in Santa's chimney for Christmas..

  4. Stefan Brouwer says

    When zlatan orders a pizza the delivery guy has to tip zlatan

  5. King Leart says

    Zlatan taught Saitama how to train

  6. hyperrat12 says

    Zlatan wanted one on his level, level wanted one on his zlatan 😂

  7. Odin Son says

    When zombies bite Zlatan they become human

  8. Aakib S Muhammad says

    Zlatan didn’t win with Manchester, Manchester won with Zlatan

  9. Yohanan Ghissing says

    Really ? Zlatan killed two “stones” with one “bird”?

  10. Andres Velez Bernal says

    Zlatan once threw a rock and now is call the moon…

  11. Ben theboi says

    Zlatan once kicked the football to hard. Now we call it Moon.

  12. Htet Aung says

    Who tf added such bad and loud music?

  13. -.- says

    When zlaten was born he taught his parents to walk

  14. Grandpa Says says

    Zlatan lullabies sleep to make it sleep

  15. Joel Zachariah Thomji says

    When zlatan looks into the mirror he sees nothing because there is only one zlatan

  16. Rina Agustina says

    Antartica is Zlatan's refrigerator

  17. Kino der Toten says

    Zlatan gets covid 19 and the virus died

  18. RAFIKOVIC says

    the hospital born in zlatan

  19. Justice Prevails says

    Why does he remind me of jay from jay and silent bob so badly

  20. Chetan M says

    Fortnite's real name is Zlatanite..

  21. NutzFeed says

    Zlatan once created a channel called Z series and gave it away to some poor indians.

  22. Eps says

    Before Zlatan was born he was the man of the house

  23. Ab S says

    How about this: Zlatan taught martial arts to Chuck Norris.

  24. Mārs says

    Legend!? Aight bro that was a good joke. Can u tell another one lmao

  25. hafid kn says

    Covid-19 has been tested positive for zlatan

  26. goatmix says

    Came here for the Zlatan comments

  27. Zain Ali says

    Zlatan once went to hospital, the hospital got cured.

  28. Luke Wood says

    Approved by Zlatan

  29. Blaise Vanderlinden says

    « Legend » hahahahaha what a shame

  30. Mike Alabbasi says

    Oi all of these are Chuck Norris facts! 😆

  31. Aryan robben says

    Zlatan +sins =Zlatan Sins

  32. RazorJump3r says

    Zlatan doesn’t read zlantanfacts, Zlatanfacts reads zlatan

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