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Soccer Drills for Beginners : Ankle Dribble: Beginning Soccer Drill


Learn a 12 minute drill combining ankle dribbles with a partner in this free video.

Expert: Josh Blair
Bio: Josh has been involved in soccer since High School in Canada. For the last 5 years he has organized a weekly open game for students at a local church.
Filmmaker: Peter Gutwein

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Catina DeAnn says

    LOL expert village does parodies now?

  2. francis paul says

    filipinos are just doing this !

  3. MEDINA559IFY says

    it says soccer drill for beginners what do you expect .

  4. Vince Carter says

    u suck 🙁

  5. Purple Haze says


  6. MrJordiR says

    lmfao wtf hes doing ? an american? i think so whahahhaah mate what u want to reach with this this is just a waste of time to do lol if u drill u never drill like this on speed

  7. s1kb45trd says


  8. Fernando Espinosa says

    is he dancing???

  9. Ryan Muras says

    the most pathetic thing ive ever witnessed on youtube! and in football you should be deeply ashamed of that shocking display of nothingness!!!!!

  10. Ryan Muras says

    the most pathetic thing ive ever witnessed on youtube! and in football you should be deeply ashamed of that shocking display of nothingness!!!!!

  11. Patrik Wincent says

    thumbs up if anyone saw that it is no 1:37!

  12. remy5858 says

    i am 5 and i am much better

  13. Kendall Garrett says

    he sucks… i'm 13 and i'm A LOT better than him

  14. James Dean says


  15. Grapes says

    lol? Is this guy an "expert" ?

  16. JonScottishSoul says

    That's a pretty good drill, I think I'll be using it in some of my sessions!

    Ps – don't listen to the trololol's below….

  17. Kacper Pluskota says

    OMG i'm 13 and i'm soooooooo much better

  18. juan cre says

    que yankee pelotudo.. no saben nada de futbol

  19. Jake Tyler says

    im not the one to hate on you cuz im not a professional but keep practicin man , lol .

  20. melky jim says

    you suck!

  21. FnxJ says

    learning the wrong thing mate , use ur tips of the foot not the ankle .. , so lol'd at grass sucks seriously mate if u don't learn ur drill right ofcource it sucks ..

  22. godshackeysack1 says

    Thanks for posting Josh. These should keep the U12 boys team busy. Thanks again

  23. Cream Sinatra says

    It doesn't matter if the ball comes a bit forward or anything you just shouldn't let it come out from between your legs. LOL ''THE GRASS SUCKS!''

  24. 3xA Production says

    hhahhahahahah that makes me laugh the ball staing in one palce and he can't even control it right

  25. Daniel Masciari says

    this is why american soccer development is a SLOW process.. 😛

  26. A Clay says

    props for givin it a shot but…thnx anyways

  27. infinteuniverse says

    @TheHunkDeath, how do you know if he is or isn't of French descent?

  28. Young Stunna says

    Your fucking right..=)

  29. bhavdogg says

    the grass sucks haha……

  30. lharmy says

    fukin noob village more like. i honestly thought this was a piss take as soon as he started his first "drill"

  31. Salvador Ramos says

    wow waste of time Noob

  32. MADE2OWND says

    this is sad your sad take that france national jersey off your a disgrace!

  33. John Smith says

    grass sucks xD

  34. Josh Matamoro says

    hahah dude is halirous

  35. Al Hu says

    lmao he saids grass sux

  36. Rafa Wesley says


  37. Brian Danker says


  38. DRG says

    lmao..this grass SUCKS!

  39. Marc M says


  40. Elizabeth Estrada says

    jeeeez not everyone is perfect!

  41. Nucleon93 says

    thx u helped me mate ! ;*

  42. supersam0137 says

    he said 'grass sucks' he's blaming the grass.

  43. Judaluda123 says


  44. Booya73 says

    bull shit

  45. substanti says

    You just can not play!!!!You need to finish it, try to go play chess!!!!

  46. T'linho Jones says

    is this a joke or wtf!!!!! my grandma who is in labour and her water just broke can do this damn!!!!

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