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SNES Megaman Soccer Match – Part 1


This is just a single tournament match from the SNES game Megaman Soccer.
I used this primarilty to test out my new capture device. I will let you all decide if it has done well.

This is really nothing fancy, just quick and dirty.

I did have a slight pause period at abour 2:30, which was cut, so you may notice the sound skip.

Done in two parts.
Needleman vs Woodman.

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  1. TheBigMan0706 says

    like if AVGN brought you here

  2. BrandonTheFish says

    And Thus, a legend was born.

  3. Sr. Odriguez says

    fkng incredible music!

  4. Epic Faic says

    Du ocksa ^_^

  5. Bence Szolnoki says

    Du är en mycket god vän Thox6 ^_^

  6. Devsguy says

    I would expect Needle Man to pop the ball.

  7. Epic Faic says


  8. Bence Szolnoki says

    Tack så mycket Thox6 ^_^

  9. DavetheUsher says

    Booooooooooo. Wheres the commentary? Booooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Epic Faic says

    Your nice 🙂

  11. Xenore says

    Gemini man needs to be up front, not on the back up top, he's the fastest aside from the doc

  12. Bence Szolnoki says

    You welcome 🙂 and good luck with it and i hope u find what u need 🙂

  13. rang3r34 says

    Thank you…This info will be of great help to me!

  14. Bence Szolnoki says

    u can download it for free on the internet if u have a snes emulator than you can download it on the coolrom but if u want to buy it to your snes console u can buy it on the ebay. cheep one is 19 dollars and the expensive one is 25 dollars. i hope my info helped u out.

  15. rang3r34 says

    This looks cool!! Is this game hard to find? Is it expensive?

  16. Serene says

    this game predates Super Mario Strikers by ages.. how old are half of ya'll 10.

  17. Robert Policare says

    A rare super nes game..I finally found it

  18. EXYQ says

    this game looks awesome!

  19. skorch82 says

    @SebiStudios2 wow, you are indeed, a complete and total dipshit.


  20. skorch82 says

    @SebiStudios2 easy there turbo, no need for you to act like a chode. You stated something that is grossly incorrect, so I did you a service and informed you of that. Think what you want, but you're way off.

    Pop off on me again, and you get the boot. You got me?

  21. skorch82 says

    @SebiStudios2 Umm, no. This is not Super Mario Strikers by any means.

  22. csfreak50 says

    this is what soccer sounds like to me now

  23. Danny Jaycox says

    I found one!

    *spins, says you got…megaman soccer*

  24. keepthebeat929 says

    Oh man. Memories.

  25. skorch82 says

    @darkgreenbluesky R+B I think, been a while since i played.

  26. Paul Mann IV says

    as stupid as the game sounds, the robot master selection screen looks promising

  27. skorch82 says

    @j0ny2 of course it is

  28. Cid Aghast says

    a HA! @ 0:34
    trying to trick me Mega Man soccer, making me think your a plat former

  29. boosterman says

    lol the first goal was ridiculous.

  30. Elliot Acosta says

    Best song in the game ;0)

  31. skorch82 says

    yeah, this was a dazzle

  32. CloudAirWonder says

    4:19 to 4:25 = GG.

  33. skorch82 says

    how many other people can say they own this game? how original.

  34. beefchainsaw says

    Fucking classic game. This and mutant league hockey

  35. Kurobisu says

    i like dustman for goalie

  36. Ultra Instinct Megaman says

    Megaman 5 music lol.Why am i'm the goaly!? bEACAUSE YOUR FAT! LOL

  37. Ultra Instinct Megaman says

    LOL! Megaman 5 music. come on capcom can do better than that!

  38. VoxWave says

    proto man is super awsum in everywhere
    (protoman is best goalie)

  39. skorch82 says

    Lol, have you checked ebay?

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