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SN vs JDG | Quarterfinal Game 1 | World Championship | Suning vs. JD Gaming (2020)


2020 World Championship Quarterfinals Day 2 #Worlds2020

Suning vs. JD Gaming

Suning Line up:
• Bin – Top Gangplank
• SofM – Jungle Graves
• Angel – Mid Galio
• huanfeng – ADC Miss Fortune
• SwordArt – Support Bard

JD Gaming Line up:
• Zoom – Top Renekton
• Kanavi – Jungle Lillia
• Yagao – Mid Zoe
• LokeN – ADC Jhin
• LvMao – Support Leona

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  1. gulaschgeneral says

    Beautiful draft analysis at the start especially when discussing the support picks. Thank you for this Azael! <3

  2. o00o0o0o0o0o says

    @30:52 Bin gangplank does a flash triple ghost barrel + passive. That's not the easiest move to to pull off, respect.

  3. Love captain 💐 best caster

  4. aZiireS says

    That moment when you are a 6/1 ADC and only tickle a 1/2 Renekton or a 2/1 Lillia

  5. Vale Sauce says

    can someone tell me what the song is at pick ban? I've heard it before this is a remix but I cant put my finger on the title.

  6. Alen Hernandez Guichon says

    Damn man, what a game!

  7. Replay Classics says

    36:25 – I have never seen a better repel of what looked like a guaranteed sleep-kill. Kudos to Suning and SwordArt and Angel in particular for making that play happen.

  8. Arcade Avengers says

    Man I thought bin was going to give us the Quinn when we saw the renekton picked and he had counter pick… oh well he GP was gross late game. Let’s see how it goes.

  9. Harrison P says

    so many epic moments in one game…. Zoom's 2v1 at the very end after the Dragon Soul was lit

  10. haans says

    Suning lost in the draft. Really bad!

  11. peni tentes says

    46:48 This reminds me of TSM Lilla 9 men sleep

  12. Aaron Kerrigan says

    37:10: Fucking idiots. You guys are fucking idiots. What are you doing??? Graves stopping to take chickens instead of hurrying the fuck up to take baron before Renekton spawns and TPs back in? Everybody peeling from baron to fight when it's a 3v5 and Galio is just trying to zone and will die JUST so you can secure baron? What the fuck was this??? I'm not rooting for either team, I just want to see some good LoL, and this was an atrocious play that is a complete embarrassment on the Worlds stage. Incredible how these top-level teams still cannot function as a cooperative unit. Please, have some pride in your craft and never make plays this horrendous again.

  13. triplea657aaa says

    You can't give Yagao Zoe….

  14. Nikola Ramic says

    Jdg im disappointed… Adc difference…

  15. gubi says

    Damn its insane how powerful getting the dragon soul buff is. That instantly just ended this game and it was really close before that.

  16. fabian desales says


    Like i know it was not significant but this is what people are complaining about when the observers are shit this time around. Instead of the mid skirmish we see a jungler take a scuttle

  17. Keen Observer says

    Captain Flowers living up to his name. I love it!!

  18. Jerico Licup says

    Its so weird* seeing Lillia being used properly after she had like a 10% winrate from Play-ins😅

  19. Frittatas says

    Quality league of legends

  20. westwrd82 says

    Can we talk about Captain Flowers flower jacket?

  21. 11thHrPro says

    Controlled aggression. Knowing when to strike and when to stop. This game shows everything that was wrong with TSM.

  22. Get In The Robot says

    You could use herald on bot tower, bait the bard ult, and then dive bot when the tower is golden

  23. Skyace13 says

    I’m disappointed Flowers…Shelly’s sister’s name is Shirley. It’s Shelly then Shirley. I forgive you though.

  24. Hazebro says

    game and caster were great

  25. zbynendo says

    Midlane dif it seems

  26. Joaquin Girod says

    Im proud the only NA representation left is this caster duet

  27. André Rørvik says

    Pick and Bans: 01:30
    Game start: 10:31

  28. William Gibbons says

    I really like these commentators.

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