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Smashing People's Androids, Then Giving Them iPhones






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  1. BigDawsTv says

    LOL @ the fans who think I actually smashed their phone

    Smash that thumbs up for another new video this week!!

  2. mr man says

    Stealing people's kidney and giving them


  3. Vhann Pilon says

    Destroying peoples iphone then giving them android

  4. Neylon Elieisar says

    Wow I wish I ran into you to have one dream phone like those guys. Good man.

  5. Kaleb Morales says

    I love androids.

  6. Izul Fikar says

    I'm from Indonesia
    Saya bangga dengan anda semoga subscribe anda bertambah banyak n banyak lagi

  7. Dragon YT says

    Imagine if he pranked a Karen

  8. Joseph MacLeod music says

    You are awesome

  9. Zachary Stone says

    Man thats so cool they look so happy at the end of the video

  10. Inspired bubble says

    Haha his was so stressful also I’m part of the iPhone gang ✌?

  11. Angel says

    These people are surprisingly calm yet their phones have been "thrown" ??

  12. Strife says

    Killing people, then digging them a grave.

  13. Craft JJ says

    Taking people's clothes and giving them newspapers

  14. UsingMed GT says

    Stealing peoples wallets then paying the court fees

  15. Raymond Bordios says

    shitting in the mall

  16. Eazly says

    Killing someone's parent then adopting them

  17. Gian Zaragoza says

    Ellow! I wish to.to have a phone to give my bday wife…your guys so amazing and good heart… Good blees io guys and keep helping people who need…????



  19. Mubeen Malik says

    Good to see you

  20. Jash Richhariya says

    That last guy deserves an iphone

  21. Jash Richhariya says

    Okay many people didn't deserve that, they already had iphones, he should've given that to somebody really needy

  22. Naokoches E says

    After this
    Smashing people's iPhone and give them Nokia

  23. [シエル]Ciel says

    If you pretended to throw my pixel 2 and offered me the latest iphone model as a conciliatory parting gift, i'd chuck that ios shit straight down at the ground and walk away. lol.

  24. khairul anam says

    Kameramennya terlalu nampak.

  25. Divyam Mehta says

    Break my phone please

  26. Nick Jr says

    Brow im from the philippines, ive been following your video, but there is only one thing i really like, your giving a free iphone, can i suggest can you brake my phone so i can have also iphone

  27. Shibe Babu says

    I wish someone did a giveaway or something in India….thr are so many kids who don't even have a phone for online classes!!!!☹️☹️I wish I could do that…but I'm still a student

  28. DONT-BE-SAD/Scotty sire says

    Chopping sumones hand off then giving them a plastic one

  29. Edivaldo Lago says

    seu vidio e o melhor que já vi vc não quebra o celular das pessoas kkkk parabéns

  30. Adarsh Pradhan says

    Can i get phone i don't have any phone

  31. NoOneSubscribes ToMyChannel says

    Destroying people's memories then trying to replace them

  32. This is a cool prank

  33. Vinoth Kumar says

    Enaku Oru cell kodunga na an pls

  34. Haije Hiemstra says

    Breaking poeples neck then burning their bodys

  35. i make things says

    breaking other peoples leg and giving them wheelchairs

    killing their kids and making their wife pregnant

    getting people killed and paying for the funeral money

    Infecting people with coronavirus and giving them ventilators

    destroying people's home then giving them shelters

    killing somebody's boyfriend, then giving them vibrators

    burning libraries and giving people audible

    destroying people's pc and giving them consoles

    smashing people's car and giving them bus tickets

    stealing people's kidney and giving them free dialysis

    cutting off peoples arms and surprising them with prosthetic

    evicting poor people and giving them the address to a homeless shelter

    balding peoples heads and giving them wigs

  36. Boya Wang says

    That one person that had Gacha club:
    ”listen here you little sh!t”

  37. Sujeewa Rukmal says

    Good person. God bless

  38. Rhys Saeki says

    This must be a shock and amazing

  39. Krispy BixBy says


  40. Fotis Playz says

    I phones suck. Androids are way better

  41. Subha Telecom says


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