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Slovenija (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide


Travel video about destination Slovenija.
Slovenia is a Central European country at the geographical intersection of three worlds, the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Basin. Ljubljana is the capital of this young republic. The Old Place is considered to be the gateway to the Old Town which possesses grace, soul and charm. The Early Baroque Franciscan Church Of Mary was built in the middle of the seventeenth century and boasts a monumental main altar. In this area of the city, the Middle Ages meet with both Baroque and Art Nouveau. Our journey through the Triglav National Park begins on the northern edge of the triangular border of Slovenia, Italy and Austria, in Kranjska Gora, the best known and most well equipped ski resort in Slovenia. The Slap Peričnik in Sava Valley is one of the area’s many waterfalls and clearly demonstrates the mighty power of water. Where the foothills of the Alps descend to the Pannonian Basin, the longest underground cave railway in the world leads to the largest show cave in Slovenia. Postojnska Jama, a wonderworld of nature. For millions of years, large masses of water and the composition of the rock, have created this remarkable system of caves. Further south below the village of Škocjan is one of the most important cave systems in the world, the Škocjan Caves into which the Reka River has dug deep into the limestone. Here, nature has created a mysterious underground world: a labyrinth of caves, corridors and halls, decorated with stalactites of various shapes and sizes. In the middle of the barren karst landscape near Trieste is a wonderful forest and the world famous Lipica Horse Stud, since 1580 the original home of the Lipizzaner, and a sprawling estate where the famous white horses are bred, raised and trained. Romantic towns and mediaeval fortresses, mountains, caves, waterfalls and lakes, Slovenia is a secret treasure situated in the heart of Europe!

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  1. DonHrvato says

    Slovenia is really beautiful, I will come back agaian.

  2. Ksenija Jemensek says

    I’m from Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia ??. It’s nice to see so many tourists here. Slovenia is a very small country in the heart of Europe. It’s got everything, mountains, lakes, rivers, castles, Triglav National Park, Soca ( which is Slovenia’s most beautiful river and where the film Stories from Narnia was shot ), seaside, caves, … I love my country ??

  3. lslavychecker says


  4. lslavychecker says


  5. Alessio Lokar says

    Terrible pronounciation! Couldn't you find somebody a little bit better. If these spakers don't know to pronounce well, it means that they despise the local culture, that they feel superior and they can pronounce how they want to do it. Typical Trumpian mentality.

  6. Sareesh Kumar C H says


  7. Pina Banovic says

    Ljubljana is the capital of this youn,,country l like …

  8. Alessio Lokar says

    Slovenian pronouciation is very easy, There are only two rules to learn: 1. How to pronounce the letter <c>, 2. plus the letter <č>. But they prefer to make this mess instead! You see, I learned English, so also you could learn Slovenian, if you are paid to do it, Aleš Lokar.

  9. Alessio Lokar says

    Are these people paid for what they do? It looks like they are not, therefore they don't make any effort about speaking and wording in the Slovenian language, but in that case it is better that they are fired. Maybe they going to find sombody better fit for the task.
    Alessio Lokar

  10. Alessio Lokar says

    I really don't understand how they cannot find out somebody who is pronuncing the Slovenian names and words like they should be.

  11. Bert G says

    23:30….in 1973 A.D….????? German Emperor???

  12. hypoaktivnaovca says

    The pronunciation, it hurts!

  13. Nevenka Still says

    moja prelepa DOMOVINA my beautiful CAUNTRI mein wunderschönes HEIMATLAND

  14. Pinq - Minecraft & More says

    I'm actually from slovenia, Nice to see my good oldplace again,

    Jaz sem Drugače Iz Slovenije, Lepo je vidit Mojo Staro Državo

    I'm in US now.

  15. Mjusa Sever says

    Somebody should teach the anchor how to rightfully pronounce the names / all are mispronounced…

  16. Zach & Greg says

    Wow this looks amazing. I'd love to visit one day

  17. jang'arsen erken says

    classic building

  18. b:HIP Global says

    The Best Place To Travel

  19. BOKA TE UKOKA says

    My beautiful country 😉

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