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Slovenia Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations


Travel video about destination Slovenia.
Half of Slovenia’s colorful area is covered by forests, but the country also has another part, a tiny, but very nice coastal area on the Adriatic Sea, with such venetian style cities as Izola, Piran and Portoroz, as well as 2,800 meters high mountains and ski resorts.

The picturesque lakes Bled and Bohinj both lie in a wonderful landscape. The gem of the karstic area is the Postojna cave.

The tiny country has plenty of wild rivers suitable for rafting and healing waters. Golf, mountineering, diving, mountain biking and rock climbing are also warmly welcomed in Slovenia.

The Lippizan is well known all around the globe. All of this is completed by such medieval towns as Maribor, Skofja Loka and Ljubljana, and such romantic castles as the Predjama.

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  1. Dominicana en Eslovenia ?? says

    EsLOVEnia, Slovenia, Slovenija ❤️

  2. Rihard Zajc says
  3. Dante Angulo says

    Slovenia in 2019

  4. Jujube Tutube says


  5. Alessio Lokar says

    Very good comentary!

  6. Travis Zane says

    Really digging your content! Just starting to put up videos myself after being a photographer & only making private videos for a long time – it's awesome to see other creators and the variety of work that's out there. I love how YouTube can be educational, inspirational, entertaining – pretty much everything! My content is more on the creative/inspirational side (not sure who it would inspire but that's my hope haha). Check it out if you have the time! Enjoy your week 🙂

  7. Alvaro Coelho says


  8. Rok Sraka says

    @21:21 you claim Plečnik designed the seat of the University of Ljubljana. Well…he DIDN'T! The building was designed/built in 1902 by a Jan Vladimir Hrasky, a Czech architect, and had served as the parliament building of Carniola until 1918.

  9. Victoria King says

    Thank you v v much for this vid
    Such a BEAUTIFUL country not crowded , v few cars ,clean, ecofriendlyLove to visit
    +91 7045318512
    But don't know How to arrange visa & Air ticket in INDIA

  10. Marjeta Jeram says

    Lepi pogledi po sprehodih po Sloveniji!

  11. Saida Skullj says

    Najbolsa v smemu rrojena in Jublana

  12. DavixDevelop says

    You couldn't tell more about Celje or what? Geez

  13. Nofreenick4me says

    Its beatifull but extreme currupted country where people with no connections are ripped to the bones and have to strugle every day to survive, capital of nepotizm, coruption and exploration of working ppl…but beatifull have in mind when u visit it

  14. Joe Kadivnik says

    Slovenija is the the jull in europ we can be praud of its beautifull scineries.

  15. Peter Gruhn says

    Believe the Jesuits have not been fully dissolved yet..

  16. Tural Narimanovv says

    Slovenia i love ♥

  17. Krabman says

    Off to Slovenia tomorrow. So excited!

  18. Debabrat Borgohain says

    I m going your city in Sept 2014

  19. Quinlan says

    Škofja Loka isn't the oldest city in Slovenia. It's actually far from it. Ljubljana is 2000 years old and isn't the oldest. The oldest city in Slovenia is Ptuj.

  20. Inan Hajredini says

    i will now speak in slovenian cuz i am slovenian       slovenija je zelo lep kraj najlepsi kraj so rekli jej aneda slovenci

  21. Rob Smith says

    id love to to go this country, nice video

  22. Abhimanyau Neupane says

    Thanks for this.

  23. Benshar Zammit says

    Very nice video I visited Slovenia last Summer and it was a fantastic holiday.

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