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Slot car racing European Championship Finals, Helsinki


Slot car racing European Championship Finals 14.3.2010

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  1. Traveling Foliage says

    00:50 Race starts

  2. Miguel Branco says

    This is just maddness. …

  3. Taylord says

    Oh man kiryu's gonna have to step up his game if he wants to win this one.

  4. Yanuar says

    not really to see

  5. michele sganga says

    When you stare the track without the cars and you stare the track with the cars there is only one difference…the SOUND! 😀

  6. Jean Marie says

    Plot twist : they're real cars in a giant world

  7. ozi p says

    Tamiya Japan is look bad ?

  8. Sho-ki Natsume Dennis Tangcangco says

    I tried watching it at 0.25 speed and it’s still fast.

  9. okko16 says

    Is this real?

  10. Jay Santos says

    So that's where the 72 virgins hang out.

  11. chethangowda gowda says


  12. Sebastian Nenta Davy says

    can i see speed test tamiya?

  13. Chua Juay Siang says

    My teacher show that in class

  14. Gregory Boyington says

    Du grand ninporte quoi ??

  15. RCWS CITY says


  16. Alberto says

    En realidad no vale la pena ver esta carrera a esa velocidad, no tiene emoción. es como ver un juego de luces.

  17. illuminOz says

    Ridiculous unrealistic speeds, no fun racing like this, it's boring to watch.

  18. RC CLW says


  19. Daniel Patjanan says

    you the fuck can you see wich car is yours and how can you se where ya at?

  20. Chris Norman says

    And the point is what?

  21. Raquel Rios says

    they are kinda like bullets

  22. Ninja_Coops says

    The drives looking like they actually controlling it but they just squeezing it hard lmao

  23. indigoblue555 says

    How is it I can barely see the cars….how can
    those things be so fast ?

  24. Built From Bricks says

    huh? can't see a darn thing. what fun is that.. way too fast….

  25. Ronald Zaiger says

    They go so fast these days!

  26. MT奶茶 says

    You can see?!

  27. captcorajus says

    This seems.. pointless.

  28. HeLL HoRZe says

    I wanted a toy animal to run out in front
    of the cars or something….

  29. keegan Hernandez says

    Am I the only one who can follow the cars lol

  30. masacra says

    Idiots ….

  31. BlueSteve_ says

    Fast car

  32. Gonzalo Jullian says

    Yo podría tener un autopista

  33. dentdent yt says

    Gimana cara kerjanya njirr… Koq bisa kenceng banget…

  34. Max Gomes says

    O hobby chegou em um nível muito estranho. ..quase não se vê os carrinhos. Kkkkk
    Como será próximo nível de motores. ..impossível de se ver a olhos nus?

  35. Sleepless Jam says

    Pink car cheated on lap 202 it's obvious !!!

  36. Carl Chen says

    why this video from 10 years ago is on my front page?

  37. Bernard Vonecke says

    I'm sure these guys can catch flies with chopsticks!

  38. Wright Owin says

    What is this

  39. Aurel Vlaicu says

    Looks like a timelapse of a city

  40. onespeed says

    I can't even react to what's happening and the oldest guy wins, props to that guy.

  41. Leon says

    Useful idiots

  42. M.S Rap says
  43. Sold to be Diers says

    The wheels on the track go round & round?

  44. DJ Maxx Saint says

    This ain’t TYCO.

  45. 吉岡俊亮 says


  46. Miss Bomba Claudie TV says

    Are those juice boxes they are racing? I am so confused.

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