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  1. I love the PRT system because it can move people as needed and it is safe and reliable. It is a point to point form of transit that as simple as using an elevator but you don't have to stop at each floor. All you need to do as ride a glass elevator up to the station platform and select how many people are riding for the appropriate size of vehicle and then you select where you want to go and within no more than 5 minutes wait at the most you can roll on in a wheelchair or walk on board and be whisked away to your desired destination. A perfect solution to public transportation and a 24/7 365 day per year service which is totally automated so the costs are low and any city and/or town can afford it. The PRT system is suspended so it takes up less space and when you go up and down hill for any reason like if you were in downtown Salt Lake City Utah and you went up the University of Utah Hospital the pod car you are in will stay level the entire time. This kind of system can work with many different kinds of companies. You could essentially could own it. What do I mean by you could own a pod car? You would own the personal rights to be the only person with full access to that particular pod car. This means you can leave what you own in the pod car and when you are not using the pod car and you are away from home like at the store the pod car parks itself at a off site location and when you need it you just call it from a PRT station and it will be back to you within minutes. This kind of system has tow kinds of stations. One kind is called a PAS Public Access Station. This kind of station is like waiting at a public transit stop. The second kind of station is called a IPS Individual Private Station. This kind of station is at a persons home like above their garage and/or can be at the fallowing places, Apartment Complex, Office Building. Some of these places may require a form of access to enter and exit them. The PRT system could have two additional services. One would be called a PFTV Personal Freight Transport Vehicle and SPTV Small Parcel Transport Vehicle both kinds of vehicles are designed to transport none people services. The PFTV vehicle is designed for personal use to transport a none living item for an example lets say you are going to catch a flight and you are flying from Salt Lake City Utah and going to San Diego. You use a wheelchair but you are going to be gone for 2 weeks and you while staying in San Diego are staying at a hotel for that time. You have a second backup power chair that you want to take down so when your main power chair si out of power and you need to use your backup power chair while the other one is charging it would be hard on your own to put the second chair on a plane but withe the PRT system it is possible. A few ours or 24 hrs before the flight to San Diego I would put my second backup chair and my luggage on the PFTV vehicle so it would arrive at the hotel when I get to San Diego. The SPTV is much smaller and it would be described as a a glorified mailbox. Lets say you forgot your medication or lets say you want to send your friend a item that is small like a cake or a warm or cold dinner of some sort it would be possible. Lets say you forgot your medications or your battery charger and you need it within a few few hours it can be done by placing what you want to send in a box with the box labeled with name and address from and to like as if being mailed bus instead of waiting for days it is only hours. There is so many different kinds of abilities and possibilities that the PRT System can do for all of us. I wish Salt Lake City Utah could and would get a sys tem like this and I know it would be much better for all people and make life much better. The way of public transportation will never be the same again.

  2. ACtually this system will probably evolve to ecavuated tubes as you call it. But those will only be efficient in very long distances, and very high speed. Imagine travelling from Lisbon to Prague at 500 Km/H.

  3. It's not a issue of magnetic rail release … is a matter of free energy patents hidden and taken over by the U.S. regime and brutal domination in a matter of development, freedom and true humanity.
    Just free patents, lock the globalism, punish the banksters and take control of the financial system, punish corporations (oil, armaments, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc) for crimes against humanity in the name of profitability and we can create a civilization of beauty, truth and freedom

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