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Skyrim – Music & Ambience – Night [10 Hours]


[Low-effort Edition]

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  1. Everness says

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  2. Charls Brick says

    28:00 yo, dog; I heard you like moons, so I gave your moons a moon

  3. Nancy Klassen says

    Do you get to the cloud district very often? What am I saying, of course you don't.

  4. Noah Leopold says

    At 12am DKT (Dovahkiin Time) at Lakeview:
    Miko: Bork
    Me: Good one! Alright, my turn! What did Sheogorath say to Molag Bal?
    Miko: Curious Bork
    Me: "Ye better step back or I will throw you into Cheeseharbour"
    Miko: Playful bork
    Me: Good one, I know. Alright, I'm off to bed. Try not to stay up late, bud.
    Miko: Farewell bork
    In the morning

    I know his name is Meeko and not Miko but Miko sounds cuter. <3

  5. cory green show says

    I wanted to eat. But I'm going to starve. Did somebody steal your sweet-roll?

  6. Sir Matatyahu says

    Super cool…

  7. 有会于心Temblingheart says


  8. Thunder Cloud says

    Long live the Dark Brotherhood

  9. Nameless Nick97 says

    When u play Skyrim so much that u recognize every location on this video ?

  10. Squidman says

    anyone else listen to these Skyrim videos while sleeping

  11. itsaguinness says

    "Your beast blood prevents you from getting a restful sleep”

  12. Black_Mamba 24 says

    You picked a bad time to get lost friend.

  13. Hello There says

    Skyrim is the only game to ever fully immerse me in the world

  14. - IHusky - says

    i miss my old 360
    i played this ALLLL the time just runnin round and listenen to music with lydia XD.

  15. Wayward Writer says

    @Everness …. i'm wondering… would it be okay for me to use this and maybe some of your other videos for writing sessions I post? I credit fully (can check out my channel for example… just recently started using Streamyard for better quality). Let me know ? thanks so much… love elder scrolls…

  16. R EE says

    I want so much to play skyrim again, but i am poor :(((((((

  17. NITRO_4000 says

    Thanks for this ??

  18. APK says

    The countless times I've fallen asleep and woken up to this music

  19. Jonathan Poischen says

    Just chilling in the streets of Whiterun, enjoying the night and music when…
    Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't.

  20. Stefarn101 says

    I absolutely love this!! This is one of my go-to ambient soundtracks whenever I study!

  21. Lucyfer says
  22. Tyg Rahof says

    Plays all night as one sleeps. Next morning sacks and pillages the local Walmart.

  23. Lakota Tenbears says

    I wish I could just step into this game and live out the rest of my life! "Well met kinsman".

  24. Czech Chad says

    This makes me want to bake some sweet rolls.

  25. Owen Cruise says

    This is Good

  26. JacoobieNeedsHelp says

    I wanna play Skyrim again this is so fucking peaceful
    And I love the dragon in the start ??

  27. Raymond Valasquez says

    what is the music at 13:15?

  28. Robert MacDonald says

    An imagination is such a wonderful ability to possess.

  29. kill me says

    Who else is listening at 3 am?

  30. JeyPS says

    Me and my girlfriend have been putting these 10 hour videos in the background every time we sleep for the past year. Works great.

  31. Tony Mangaka says

    1:03:00 in. Not the far house to the right the second one beside it (to the left). The roof, between the two trees. What/who's that?

  32. youngribey 96 says

    ,,Ihr da endlich seid ihr wach,,

  33. Ricky Crawford says

    "Let me guess, somebody stole your sweet….wait, I know you."

  34. alpesh shah says

    internet comment etiquette

  35. Carlos Gil says

    ¡Beautifull! ¡Fantastic! More music & ambience
    of this type, please. it's amazing.

  36. Irene MAIRE BALLAY says

    Merci je vous écoute en travaillant c'est magique

  37. EmpressLuna Frost says

    2:09:43 is the best

  38. autism cat's child says

    I need to get skyrim again

  39. Sarah Skylight says

    Still listen to this at night, thank you <3 <3 <3

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