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Simon Cowell’s Lifestyle ★ 2019


Simon Cowell Income, Houses,Cars, Luxurious Lifestyle and Net Worth 2019
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  1. Paula Wight says

    All I want is to fix my teeth…I’m still saving out of my Social Security…. I’m happy he has all of this but it saddens me to see people waste so much money on foolish expensive things

  2. anyango priscilla says

    He adopted to have a simple life in public am sure he has more than we think.

  3. FreedomOfSpeech says

    I prefer my little old cosy house

  4. ramona38075 says

    Can't imagine having to live this rich….Is it a blessing? Anyways..as a person he has made it happen for many aspiring people..God bless him.

  5. Mj says

    Fecking click bait!

  6. Juliah Ysabelle Landicho says

    Oh, unexpected

  7. Bhiva Paradkar says

    I miss that golden car

  8. Samyak Jain says

    He is a rich man, but a good man too and I love him.

  9. Ederlyn Flores says

    Wooow im one subscribing to got talent i love you cowell

  10. Nicoleta Datcu says

    He is and was a spoiled brat, but he is good at what he is doing.

  11. Margaret Coyle says

    I as an old nana , thinks simon would happily live in a two bed flat ?? Just saying ,I’m an nana forgive e for my you tube mistakes,

  12. Mumbs Hitiney says

    Add a public comment…the golden car is not areal gold

  13. Ayla says

    When my Men comes with so many cars… ill just cry that he used all his money on cars. We only a small family and 1 or 2 cars are enough but when its more its really sad. Money is gone just for that

  14. Yan Hin Mo says


  15. Elsa Guarde says

    Very simple man vey humble

  16. Sara Sara says

    السيد سايمون انت انسان راقي وطيب ..الرب يباركك دوما اشكر الرب على هذه النعم ولا تنسى المحتاجين.. .وشكرا يا محبوب

  17. Zygmunt Szymanski says


  18. Mohamed Bailor Jalloh says

    I stopped my job because of, g e t e z p a y m e n t s .c o m

  19. Gin Gimlet says

    his houses are boring . all white inside. …..

  20. Wong Boon Leong says

    sawing your program you owe alot of houses cars properties all these only temporary materials things for your happiness these is all you deserve for your hard work. but there are alot of unfortunate people who need help badly especially food and lodgeing around the world can you do these to help them since you have you want in life if you can spend less on cars or buy houses to stay rather you use your money to help the unfortunste and poor people in return you and your family stay healthy long life and safety there is no i me my so everything we have is not belong your it belong to nature if you can awaken your sense

  21. Victoria Kirsch says

    did you see in one of the photos of cars he was smoking!

  22. It's a new day says

    The fact that i feel like Simon only has 3 t-shirts in his wardrobe.

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