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SHOCKING Tribal Food in Kenya!!! Rarely Seen Food of the Maasai People!


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Thanks to Wendy Watta (@wattaonthego) for coming along with us on this Kenyan Food Tour!

Thanks to Holiday Destination Safaris for helping us to navigate our way around Kenya:

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1. MOYALE HOTEL: Mandazi + Githeri + Mongoka
ADDRESS: Village in Namanga

? MANDAZI (Deep Fried Bread): Mix wheat based all-purpose flour with water and sugar then knead into a dough. Cut into triangles and deep fried in hot vegetable oil.

?? GITHERI (Maize and Beans): Boil maize and beans very soft. Fry mixture with onions, tomatoes and salt. Serve with cabbage.

?? MONGOKA (Khat): Chew Khat leaves to ingest the juices and nutrients, then spit it out.

?PRICE: Mandazi 0.050USD/5 KSH | Githeri N/A | Mongoka 0.50 USD/50 KSH per bag
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2. MAASAI HOMESTEAD (Manyatta): Raw Blood and Kidney + Goat Roast + Blood Soup
ADDRESS: Kimana Sanctuary, Amboseli

Our next stop on our Kenyan Food Tour brought us to the Maasai Homestead. We we watched how the men of the tribe sometimes prepare and roast a whole goat. This usually occurs when the Maasai men spend the night out in the plains after roaming far from home to graze the livestock. Per tradition, they don’t eat in front of women. They however take back certain pieces for the women, once they are done feasting. This bonding time with the Maasai men is said to build fraternity.

?? RAW BLOOD AND KIDNEY: The goat is slaughtered and the blood is collected in a sufuria. This is drank fresh. Cuts like the kidney are also eaten raw.

?? GOAT ROAST: The legs are skewered on makeshift spears, and are roasted upright around a central fire. Once ready, this will be cut in front of everyone and passed around the circle.

?? BLOOD SOUP: The soup is made using herbs to cleanse the system. The intestines are boiled then fried in their own fat, and is then served. The liver is also roasted medium-rare and passed around in the circle until it is gone.

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    Well their stomachs have microorganism that can battle raw meat because they're used to it.
    For me, my stomach would ache terribly after 30 minutes and then swells up for 2 days.

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