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SHOCKING Filipino Foods! Full EXOTIC Filipino Food Tour in Davao, Philippines!


Quiapo Market in Manila! →

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Location 1:
Luz Kinilaw
Food: Bihud

Location 2:
Laysa’s BBQ
Food: Bagaybay, Sizzling Balut and Goat Brain Soup

Location 3:
Food: Papaitan

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If you see any factual food errors in my video, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments.

I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.

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  1. Best Ever Food Review Show says

    Thanks so much for watching! Follow me on Instagram for more fun food videos! @InstaSonnySide

    Special thanks to Allen and Laysa's BBQ for making this shoot happen: https://www.facebook.com/LaysasBBQDavao/

    Next time you're in Vietnam, hit up Onetrip for an amazing tour: https://www.christinas.vn/onetrip/saigon/

  2. franze rain says

    Why you shokking pilipino food pilipino food not toxic

  3. Cheryl Baker says

    I've heard dog is a delicacy in the Philippines, would you ever try it??
    If so, does it taste like chicken? ?

  4. Cheryl Baker says

    Love this guy…he must be related to Andrew Zimmern who I also love.
    Either one can invite me to share an exotic meal, they make EVERYTHING look appetizing. ? ? ? ?

  5. ban FBPJ says

    Filipino food delicacies one of the best in the world. Really! You can try them…. https://www.youtube.com/c/banfelipebpal88

  6. scrt clrs says

    I'm a Filipino and I never tried that. lol

  7. ron love says

    Puro toxic pagkain ng mga pinoy kaya yung mga mindset puro toxic

  8. inno choi says

    I dont think its a goat poop… maybe its goat intestines….and other pig organs

  9. Belle Ame says

    duck fetus, several times in my lifetime I've opened an egg and seen an embryo.. The smell was horrendous.. I just watched a show and they said: Philippines eat everything from the animal..NOW, I see.. Put the lid back on, I don't think it wanted to be disturbed..?

  10. Ashley Tkl says

    Recipe's for fish roe/eggs are many depending to places. Chinese normally deep friend, Malay's or Indians sometimes cook it in rich gravy besides deep frying after marinating in curry powder, others esp in Borneo alternate by adding it in clear fish soups. Miss Phillipines Adobo and Sinigang recipes.
    Ok. He doesn't take bitter, animally, rogue stenchy food very well.

  11. Ting Taugo says

    Lol perfect soup for Halloween. It cracks me up! ???

  12. Christina Wool says

    Sonny is without any doubt Brave. Never be too old to be surprised even though you are from Asia yourself LOL

  13. ThePeopleAreFucked says

    i can eat everything but embyos is too hardcore for me.

  14. Glitch Gaming TV says

    Eating balut with redhorse is nice. ????

  15. Rene Tajanlangit says

    I love Philippine food.. very yummy..

  16. Darene Cargo says

    It its literaly bitter cause the word "papaitan" comes from its root word "pait" which means bitter ☺?

  17. alias zech says

    I miss papaitan. Goat intestine not poop

  18. Deepak Gupta says

    Goat poop soup. No, thank you

  19. Ike Alagdon says

    Nice music meeeen!?

  20. Ricky Sanabria says

    ewww not my me

  21. Rj Tejero says

    Papaitan from the north is much better. Realtalk

  22. Dominic Sansoni says

    Ya I’m good on goat poop soup

  23. clint alindeg says

    Its not a poop ,it's a bile and organs

  24. Yaima Wahengbam says

    I'm pleased only ur street food brother

  25. Septher P. says

    Papaitan is best to eat after drinking haaaaaard all night.

  26. julia baldo says

    Yuk!!!!!! Ilokano food?

  27. Call Me Vice says

    "the fish eggs in my stomach are feeling lonely without fish SPERM" literally chocked hahahahahahah best line ever

  28. John Liqua Torque says


  29. PatrickK says

    "Beautiful vascular bulges"


  30. Genevieve Guedes says

    Sonny really looks cute with all the expressions?

  31. bakari liburd says

    To Sonny! I have been meaning to comment to let you know that I think your favorite food is noodles just in case you haven't realized! When you was asked on a different episode, ''what is your favorite dish,'' you said you couldn't answer because there are so many great tasting dishes you have tried, and you liked most of them. But based on watching numerous BEFRS shows, I have recognized that you face always look most pleasurable when you eat noodles especially in broth! Think about this and let me know if you think I am right!

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