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Share Files Between Two Computers Using WiFi (software)


Here is how to share files between two computers using wifi. No need to setup Windows workgroup or samba sharings. Instead, we will use a simple app called AnySend to Transfer Files from PC to PC and PC to Mac OS.

It’s free, cross-platform and does n’t need the Internet.

How to transfer files through wifi between two laptops?

[Download links]

Best solution. AnySend –

Other options

ShareIT –
Folder transfer –
File transfer for windows –

All these methods support PC to PC file transfer software via wifi. No Internet needed.

I use Audio from YouTube audio library – Break You In

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  1. Megane Senpai says

    I do that with Infinit it's a lot faster and it also supports every platform i could think of.

  2. Chhana Skills says

    The macbook you bought is just monitor???
    But still works so no problem

  3. Saranjit Singh says

    how to remove trusted computers in anysend

  4. hope talituleka says

    Dude You're a genius, thanks.

  5. quality better says

    Can we transfer files with mobile hotspot?

  6. San Em? says

    will it work on 40gb+ files?

  7. Subhash Jain says

    thanks bro
    it was just like life saver

  8. Francis Amuohu says

    Can i use my phone to link both system via wifi

  9. Shaun Hughes Engraving says

    Quite good…….but Your a very naughty boy, bonjour is a spam malware nightmare

  10. Pradeep Choudhary 007 says

    this is the only channel for which my heart and brain says subscribe now good job bro

  11. Wild Line says

    2020 the website u cant install with it any more

  12. Aaryan Raj says

    Thank you bro ?? it helped me a lot.

    My router's speed is 800 mbps

  13. Marker Master says

    is this indian legit? no scam or something

  14. Ryan Fernandes says

    plz guys just use shareit it is way better

  15. Viral Video says

    do much harresing software


    Hey..can we share upto 100 gb…?

  17. Surya Jeyasekaran says

    Can i use mobile hotspot?

  18. Salamander Fangskin says

    This looks amazing. But The app on Google is down. Does this still work from PC to PC or is there a better program?

  19. USMC Nick says

    does this work with radmin?

  20. Mh Fahim says

    can i use it this apps in different ip adress?

  21. Aryabrat bharat says

    Bro u r awsome but make vedio in Hindi languages its will work

  22. Vitaliuz says

    Video starts at 00:52.

    Was a 52-second "intro" really necessary?..

  23. Gaming with tarun2.0 says

    Pc2 can be near or far .shall it comes

  24. Anmol Thakur says

    Can we share gta v from this?

  25. MANU PA says

    Are you Ashwin from the Britan's got talent? You just look alike him

  26. Prashant Pal says

    How long will it take to transfer 80gb

  27. ghost xd IQ says

    504 Gateway Time-out

  28. Vishal Mishra says

    Hey it works like magic. Thank you very much dude first app with literally no hassle??

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