SET YOUR SCOUTING ASSIGNMENTS IN FM21! | Football Manager 2021 Tutorial

Setting your own scouting assignments can be important so in this video we advice to set your scouting assignments in in FM21! | Football Manager 2021 Tutorial . People have different ways of setting up their scouting assignments and this is just one way but probably the easiest and most efficient way of setting scouting assignments in FM21

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View: SET YOUR SCOUTING ASSIGNMENTS IN FM21! | Football Manager 2021 Tutorial

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17 bình luận trong “SET YOUR SCOUTING ASSIGNMENTS IN FM21! | Football Manager 2021 Tutorial

  1. I'm a big fan of buying the world package, and then searching for what I want using the Player Search feature. If you set up your filter correctly, you can usually spot potential regen wonderkids without needing to go to all the trouble of scouting them. And if you're not certain, you can then have your scouts step in and make sure for you.

    You can also try sorting through the youth intake for all teams in your game on a monthly basis, though I find that the Player Search feature is a lot faster and easier.

  2. For fun was in the year 2030 with Liverpool the players in the database were getting worse so I put it on dof to buy the players in . Edwards . He was bringing in trash . 13mil for a 34 y gk. 32 26 mil right winger . He was waisting money . As I cauld not get the players in . Some teams want over 100 plus mil for 19 to 21

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