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Serving Up Indian Food, From Mumbai to NYC


If you love Indian food as much as we do, you will savor every moment of this. First up: We’re going to show you where to find some of the best Indian food Stateside, from NYC to LA. Then we’re off to India to deliver lunches with the dabbawalas of Mumbai, dine at a temple in Shirdi that serves 40,000 lunches every day, and meet a man who created a non-profit that makes sure uneaten food from weddings and other events don’t go to waste.


This story is a part of our Flavors series, where we do so much more than play with our food. Come with us as we dive into deliciously different and tastefully off-beat stories in the culinary world.

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  1. Sukanya Baliarsingh says

    Touched. ❤️

  2. Ganesh Shankar says

    The last one was inspiritional.

  3. Sujoy Dhar says

    All that Indian food, got me hungry!!!

  4. The Film Programmer says

    Earth's 2nd name is India..

  5. DARTHASH PIE says

    Temples and Gurudwara – feeds thousands of people every day for free.
    Christians in India – convert them ?

  6. Arvind Lohia says

    Her laugh at 1:10 made me burst into laughter and I don't know why, may be my inner sense found it sarcastic ?

  7. A҉S҉U҉R҉A҉ says

    I'm from an indian Himalayan state. here on a wedding when food is left it can be packed and taken to home by peeps and even after this food is left, we feed it to the dogs, cows and other animals that is available in locality.
    traditional food is full of smoky spices but not hot spicy you get from chillies.

  8. AM V says

    Not for prayer only for food…


    India?? is country with millions food bcs of competition between 600 provinces of India either in food,culture , dances, language, folk,….. . many food you get in one provinces that you get not in other.
    • 24,000 variety of food from potatoes & potato come in 14th century by Portuguese ?? in India??.
    • more than 2200 sweets, you can find in rajsthaan state of India.
    • 12,000 + desserts in India
    • 30,000+ food variety that's made from Rice

  10. Kim K says

    Leave the food india itself is an incredible country ❤️

  11. beautyfool says

    I’m so in love with the no waste food program. This was brilliant. I wonder if there is a program like this in the states.

  12. l says

    Honestly, as an South Indian I can vouch f sor the fact that South Indian food sucks compared to North Indian cuisine. So this temple probably sucks as far as I'm concerned

  13. Knight Rizrr says

    4:34: "very traditional traditions very traditional recipes" i dont think so bud with that hygiene

  14. nikhil don says

    Dabbawala are great

  15. Pranav Chavan says

    No food waste intiative is best

  16. QNA-Guidelines says

    South Indian food , western foods , spices food awesome indian foods so awesome

  17. QNA-Guidelines says

    I am from india

  18. Nitesh Bisht says

    Proud of you❤

  19. G A B B A R says

    shrdi not the largest its Golden temple world biggest

  20. nadir kiani says

    Im not Indian but our dishes are the same

  21. Abhishek Saha says


  22. Sanket Bendbhar says

    Chapati roll

  23. Nikhy 09 says

    How many South Indians are watching this ??

  24. ShadowCartoon says

    "How To Eat Like A Indian God"


    Jai shree raam!

    Hinduism is the sanatani dharam-the eternal way of life.

    Adopt hinduism as its the solution to all the problems.

  26. MV says

    loved the way how the staff suddenly stares at me….

  27. Bandana Saikia says

    Why Indian food refers only to south India n food

  28. Shubham A says

    if Americans come to india and try authentic indian food, they will gonna settle here

  29. Vishal Kumar says

    Feeding the Needy is Part of Culture

  30. KARTIK GANDHI says

    South Indian food is great, simple and light but believe it or not North Indian food specially "Punjabi" food is the best.
    Punjabi Food is more heavy, spicy. Try both and you'll know it.


    I'm proud of my country ??

  32. Anwesha Misra says

    I went there. I'm so blessed that I have visited the temple. The canteen is pretty impressive and tasty too.

  33. rehannara beegum says

    I am a muslim and we are supposed to give food and meat to needy a few times a year but the problem is people don't give food

  34. govind b says

    Accuracy of 99.99% bollywood made a movie on the 0.01% ?

  35. Dushyanth Reddy says

    Lessons of India Culture
    1. Learn to eat with your hand.

  36. Hi bye says

    Isn't she is from British airways add

  37. Jayesh Y says

    South Indian food is the best

  38. Mahadev Yelwande says

    Proud to be a Maharashtrian and Maharashtra culture Mumbai Mumbai Cha dabewala

  39. Ohm Singto says

    Indians are generous and smart!

  40. Ohm Singto says

    Thats a great tradition; a hospitality in form of sharing food!Yum..

  41. abhishek sharma says

    For once a dabbawala messed up and Bollywood made a movie out of it. Lunchbox

  42. Tu Tr says

    Indian govt collects enormous amount of tax and spends almost all of it for its people,only thing is the lakhs of crores spent ends up with beauracrats,politicians and middle men and only pennies reach

  43. Feedi didisky says

    its not just that temple … in India there is a gurdwara in every 17 km.No matter who you are or what time is it .if youre hungry and you go there you would be served.And it's with many other temples .Even in foreign countries langar in gurudwaras is free and you can eat anytime .

  44. Vivek Joseph says

    There are so many wonderful dishes all around the world and its so great that we will live in a world where we can taste it all.

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