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Sega Genesis Score + $270 in Sales! (Live Game Hunting) || $10 Dollar Collection (Episode 11)


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We hunt for retro game gold in Episode 11 of the $10 Dollar Game Collection Challenge, and we score! Xbox, Wii, Playstation 2 and Sega Genesis stuff are all found in this weeks episode…check it out!

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  1. camomagic1 says

    My first console was N64. My parents bought it for one penny from family friends. It came with games and controllers. My sister stole it and now I have to price together my collection again. I’ve offered to buy it off her but she won’t budge.

  2. Somefoxguyouttanowhere says

    My first console was the Xbox 360

  3. Christopher Schulze says

    First system was NES

  4. B1ZARRO Gaming says

    First Console was the nes. Had the three Mario games and played the crap out of them

  5. DylanTheRunnyBoi says

    My first console is probably the ps2, Still a good trusty little box

  6. digitalblood13 says

    My first console was an Atari 2600 and stayed playing Yars' Revenge till i moved up to a snes 🙂

  7. Alex The Cool says

    My first console was either a wii or Xbox since I was a late 2000 kid

  8. Xavier McKenzie says

    My first console was a Wii. Or the ps3. Wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you left them.

  9. Joseph Waul says

    PS2 but I consider Xbox 360 my first because I was like 5 when our PS2 broke.

  10. kovu says

    My first console was the original Wii loved that thing to death and still do.
    My favourite game has to be Wii Sports Resort or Donkey Kong Country.

  11. BushBandits Bushcraft says

    I’m a youngster in the retro gaming community but my first console was the wii. But I fell in love with the retro gaming when I was introduced to the n64 and banjo kazooie.

  12. itswickedwill says

    my first console was the gamecube!

  13. Rock -O says

    $2 games at goodwill?!? Mines in the area are now $6 each which hurts the profit

  14. Some Sun Bro says

    My first console was the NES. It was my mom's but she handed it down to me when i was around 4 or 5 (1994-1995).

  15. Alvaro Escobar says

    My first console was NES and we played Mario and duck hunt non stop

  16. TheGamingCrysis says

    My first console was the N64!

  17. Jerome Nestor says

    My first was a PlayStation 2 and I had need for speed most wanted with it

  18. Luis V1204B says

    My first console was the SNES. I remember all my uncles and my grandpa all going in on getting me one for my birthday. To this day it’s still one of my favorite birthday presents I’ve ever gotten

  19. Ke Ch says

    First console was the NES. I got it in kindergarten as a gift for getting surgery.

  20. Adam Montgomery says

    My first console was Atari 2600, but to be fair to my age, I inherited it from my brother when he went to college and my parents wouldn't buy me an NES, so I got the 2600 close to a decade after it was released.

  21. Chase Foster says

    My first was the NES and it’s weird but I remember playing Beetlejuice a lot

  22. Tyler Baer says

    My first console was a PS1, with Spider-Man!

  23. Tyson L says

    My first console was the Nintendo 64!!


    regular nes was mine

  25. Michal says

    N64 first ever console but one I remember the most was ps1 and most memorable game was rayman?

  26. Earl Gendron says

    Be careful. Beachbody is one of the companies that will give you a VERO strike

  27. James Myerthall says

    My first console was the zx spectrum Sinclair

  28. Anthony Giambra says

    My first console was the atari 2600. The first I bought with my own money was the snes. Which I still have complete in the box

  29. final destinaition says

    My first console was the sega master system

  30. Luis Gómez says

    Hello from costa rica , first console i played was atari 2600 i remember playing formula 1 game jajajaja i was sooooooooo excited i was my very first time .

  31. Dark Dragon of Gaming says

    SNES. My dad had it, still does, pretty sure my first game was Super Mario World.

  32. retro_lover 97 says

    My first console was the PS2 Slim. I wish i still had it ,but sadly it got ruined before i left home. I had it for well over a decade and absolutely loved it.

  33. SVO EMAIL says

    First console was Atari 2600!

  34. Bill Hostler says

    First console was a Sega Genesis that came with the Lion King. My brother and I played that for hours. Takes me back. Thanks. Love the series.

  35. Samelf's Super gaming time says

    My first console was an Atari 2600. No I'm not that old I found it in a thrift store when I was 10 for about. 12 dollars

  36. oakley568 says

    First console was the NES…my brother and I "stole" it from our older sister when she got it for her birthday!

  37. Logan Smash says

    The first I owned was PS2, and I played my friend's PS2 before I got mine.
    Edit: I first owned Scooby Doo night of 100 frights, I believe. I technically first played on a PC, but I didn't own it, and it's not the same thing as console.

  38. Lee Radcliffe says

    Atari was my first console, and still my favorite.

  39. Blast Media Gaming says

    First console I ever owned was a PlayStation 1 and crash bandicoot

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