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(Season 1)Electric Football Aggies verses Buckeyes (1st Quarter)


This is a very fast pace high energy game. Must See! The Aggies take on the Buckeyes!

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  1. Vinluv Handesbuk says

    baller game

  2. Chas Russell says


  3. Robyn Fleming says

    I love your channel good. Gob bro

  4. Steven Copice says

    What size board are you using

  5. Le Yeet says

    dude u have to do PAT

  6. DaveSpecter1065 says

    Bruh! Great video!!!

  7. Non-Alpha Gamer says

    Hahaha. "Great tackle." Wait 'till these guys discover real football. Are they in for a surprise?!

  8. EPLURiBusUNUM says

    This is actually cooler than video games. You do a great job with these videos and make them pretty damn entertaining. You should get a paper football and some toy field goal posts and do extra points and field goals. That'd be awesome.

  9. Evan H. says

    I had this as a kid, and could NEVER figure out how to actually play??glad I found this vid. Gonna order one on amazon for my game room.

  10. MyTTri says

    Jk news

  11. Kevin Alvroz says

    Lmao they added people cheering in the background

  12. Rohit Kumar says

    im here cuz of steve greene…

  13. Met3lAngel says

    I'm just here because of Steve Green.

  14. Francisco Martinez says


  15. Louie Lopez says

    Jknews Sent Me ?

  16. Dimension Rewind says

    Came here cuz from JK News cuz I couldnt believe Steve.

  17. lily chen says

    Who's here from jknews lmao

  18. curse mohamaad says

    I am very impressed.

  19. Kill Bill says

    Man gtf ????????

  20. ImAEarthworm 1300 says

    Do you guys know how to stop them from going in circles?

  21. Ahny Mus says

    …. I'm dead right ? what did I just watch lmao

  22. Joshua Davis says

    I was going to say, even Stevie Wonder could see he was out of bounds before the touchdown at 6:15

  23. David Beadenkopf says

    How does that flicky thing work

  24. Dale Baughman says

    Where did you get the figures from?

  25. A wind says

    My brother is an aggie ._.

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