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Saw: The Video Game Walkthrough Part 09 – Cemetary Puzzle, Combination Puzzle


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  1. The5555789z gamers says


  2. UtmostGhost says

    8:28 PATIENCE… *punch* LOL

  3. fmanzon99 says

    It's easy to kill people in there,
    but in real life, it's very hard .

  4. cleon135 says


  5. mamaneww says

    @Freddypuppy thats what you had to do…

  6. Freddy Ivan says

    8:39 You lock the doors so the explosion won't get you… Mjm, true skills right there… XD

  7. Linda Vilela says

    @aidenmccloskey Yeah fill your computer until it's working in slow motion and THEN you'll see if it's surprising or not lol, I'm sweating the whole time I'm playing!

  8. PaNDaSNiP3R says

    ya next play thru im keeping the lighter.. is that how you light molotov bombs?? srry for my spelling public schools lol

  9. The Peculiar Curio says

    don't get me wrong the combat system does suck in his game, however the game was not intended for combat anyway, its a puzzle based horror game, its kind of a shame they even put combat in at all really x

  10. Tyrannohamstersaurus says

    I don't think Kramer (Jigsaw) has a problem with murder. In the first Saw Amanda has to murder a dude to get the key to her reverse bear trap and the goal of Dr. Gordon's game is to kill Adam (it dosen't go as planned).

  11. phayguy says

    why is the gun like the best and why is there only one type of gun besides the shotun

  12. boogilish says

    LOL loved it when those two guys in the graveyard climb the ladder and get shot before they even reach the top. you'd figure the guy would've been smart enough to realize you had a gun after the first guy got shot off the ladder.

  13. Shane McComas says

    I can see more up ahead with the flashlight.

  14. jimbo734 says

    this games really good

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