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Santa Monica Beach HD – Lifestyle in Los Angles, California


Take a trip to Santa Monica through our video! Enjoy atmosphere of this amazing place in California. For more information about us visit

We live in Santa Monica currently and we go down to the beach almost everyday on the bikes and we do some cool workouts there. It’s always packed and people do all sorts of fun and sports there. If you go to California and Los Angeles, Santa Monica beach is definitely one of the TOP places you should visit!

Our trip:

We started walking along the street on the hill above Santa Monica beach and then we bumped into these cool guys dancing hip hop stuff. Then we walked down to the Santa Monica Pier and we were amazed by these huge crowd of people walking around. It’s very spacious but the pier was really crowded.

We took a walked all the way around pier and went down to the beach then where millions of people were hanging out but the water was really cold and it’s July already.

After the beach we went to playgrounds to do exercise and enjoy the atmosphere. Lots of LA locals are coming down to their workouts and get tanned.

Definitely, worth to visit! One of the places where you can feel spirit of California in the air!

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  1. Jasmine Freeman says

    Hotel California was awesome

  2. Michael Steele says

    Santa Monica= Satan Monica!!!

  3. Samo Flyer says

    Nice clip! This looks like a typical day here at the Santa Monica Pier.
    If you're coming to see the flyers on the traveling rings, slackline/trickline, acroyoga, high bar routines, parkour or martial arts, definitely visit The Original Muscle Beach during the afternoon hours on the weekends (especially Sunday). There's always something to do here or you can just sit back and people watch. You may see a super hero, a ninja warrior, a professional athlete…even a movie star. Plus, we do have the aquarium, an amusement park and the Pacific Ocean to take advantage of as well. Enjoy your visit!

  4. claus slanecberg says

    Wow! Santa Monica is my dream. What a place… wanna go there immediately. Love the guitar guy at the end who perform Hotel California.

  5. Jaro K says

    It looks great, I definitely pop up next time I'm near by!

  6. Viktor Vincej says

    cool video, I love Santa Monica 🙂

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