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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ hands-on: An Android 2-in-1 with bombastic specs


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are the first 5G tablets in the US.

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  1. Agasi_K23 says

    You forgot to put on your “I Love Ipad No Matter What” sticker before filming this.

  2. dxfirestorm says

    Is it even out and if that’s the case please give me the link !!!

  3. Mr Sevenfold says

    I'll happily keep buying Samsung Tablets I love my 2019 Tab A 10.1 model haven't been left wanting

  4. bsl bl says

    Seriously Lady !!!! This is the closest you could get to a laptop experience with Dex. Full screen windows, multi tasking, Office 365 multiple files opened and minimised.

  5. Achmad Aqsa Husain says

    Alternate title : Apple fangirl is not (and never) impressed by android's (or samsung particularly) latest and best tablet.

    And you call this journalism? While you are biased and complained even the simplest of things and ignoring every major upgrade from the last model?

  6. Mzwandile Harmans says

    Android tablets are just big android smartphones. Useless

  7. ali awad says

    Fire her she can't even review a tablet 😂

  8. Paul Mukherjee says

    I have the Galaxy Tab S4 and Feel it is still an excellent Flagship Samsung Tablet with all the features of Tab S7 along with 3.5 mm headphone jack. All games run buttery smooth with zero lag. Latest updated Android software so overall still the best buy if you want to save some bucks… Apart from the screen size on Tab S7 plus and latest processor there is hardly anything new or innovative…..

  9. jamie scott says

    The note 20 can only use the 120hz refresh rate at 1080p resolution, is this the same with the tablet?

  10. NewDrew2 says

    If you want to hear her talk and move in normal speed do this. Change the speed from normal to 1.25x. Lol

  11. Survival Instincts says

    Review bad / Tablet spectacular (sold)

  12. Jose Rodriguez says

    It seems like you are missing a lot of information for this review. Get your facts straight next time.

  13. TheNAK20 says

    Does the Tab S 7 plus have gorilla glass victus like the note 20 ultra?

  14. McBastard_Tv says

    It doesn't play back video in 4K

  15. sheetal Deshmukh says


  16. PlayWryte says

    People are making a huge deal about the specs on this and it’s really not much change from the tab s6 which I have.

  17. Sukh Qazmi says

    this is a weirdly biased n blindly blatant review. lol.
    i have never hated her reviews but this one is… lol.

  18. JIAQ Y says

    Don't forget, Free pen!

  19. Mohammad Al Saidy says

    I got the tab s6 a couple of months ago, but as soon as these are released here I'm going to get the tab s7+, I've been waiting for something like this!

  20. Julius Comeda says

    Im seriously thinking about selling my ipad pro 2020 for this

  21. saddi ravi teja says

    Wear some clothes

  22. Kaiyu Shi says

    Ugh Samsung is gimping all the smaller sizes this year. They need to stop force upselling people.

  23. سالفي اوغندا says

    Jst I want Samsung but they are telling me in bisha here there z no Samsung galaxy tab wh8ch z not true.

  24. Landry Sibomana says

    That’s why I never taker her reviews seriously, she is such a Samsung/android hater and she is always « underwhelmed » . Multitasking on android is centuries ahead of what apple does today on it’s ipads or phones . Biased video. No thanks.

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