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Sachin’s Murderous 134 v Australia, Sharjah Final – Cricket Reaction


Here is the second performance of Sachin v Australia in the Sharjah Final from 1998. We reacted to his 143 performance a few days back and here is a little surprise with this performance reaction.

Original video found:

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  1. Manoranjan Acharya says

    Steve Bucknor is the reason, DRS was introduced!!

  2. Harshit Shukla says

    his nick name is LITTLE MASTER

  3. Harshit Shukla says

    umpires lives matter gabe

  4. Rabbi Alam says

    reaction on virat kholi

  5. Utkarsh Singh says

    React to his retirement speech

  6. Utkarsh Singh says

    Pls react to his retirement speech

  7. Mehtab Satti says

    watch shahid afridi century against newzeland

  8. Celtic Chris W says

    Sachin was amazing, humble, gracious & pure talent.

  9. Ayush Shukla says

    Sachin Tendulkar was above wins or loses. He was an emotion . He was the best batsman of all times. He is the reason if why cricket is this famous all across the globe. He is the reason if why BCCI is richest cricketing board in the world. No Sportsman has offered to their sport like Sachin did to cricket. Take a bow Master. <3

  10. Rahul Ray says

    When you guys reviewing "Sachin: A Billion Dreams"

  11. rehman riyaz says

    If only #DRS was there during #Sachin’s career span.. he would have scored 15-20 centuries more… Only player to bludgeoned #ShaneWarne in world cricket.. warne never had upper hand over #Sachin ever..

  12. Hulk Bod says

    Pakistan won most of them bcoz of biased Umpires.


    Please React on "India and Pakistan's Cricket Rivalry Explained". It is the Video of TRT WORLD channel. It is the biggest sporting Rivalry in the World. Please react to it. Link is here https://youtu.be/r38oy_JjU-g

  14. Jumla MODI says

    that was missing the stumps. bad umpiring. this umpire was responsible for India loosing at least 6-8 matches

  15. Vishnu Vijayan says

    Watch 160 vs New Zealand in a test match, it's a batting clinic.

  16. Abhishek Sreedharan says

    Please react to Sachin's 175 in 5th ODI match played between Australia and India at Uppal, Hyderabad on 05th November 2009. Another gold from latter part of his career. And to his Odi 200 too.🔥

  17. Rabbiul Hasan says

    Check out Danny Morrison's funny commentry please

  18. Amit Maske says

    There is no one like him…. And no one will become like him. He is pride of India….

  19. Zishan Arif says

    Guys, come out from India, there are also plenty of talent in other countries . It is getting boring day by day.

  20. Vishal Mishra says

    React on virat kohli and Rohit Sharma etc

  21. avanish pank says

    You guys need to watch his retirement speech, that'll give you guys a pretty good idea of who he is not just as a Cricketer but also his off field persona and what he's accomplished throughout his Career.

  22. xfactor 22 says

    The great dilemma, saaachin or sachin

  23. 555banter says

    I spent $6000 in 2011 to go watch test cricket in England, because after moving to the US in the 90s, I had never ever watched Tendulkar bat live. And I knew he was going to retire soon. Worth it.

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