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Rush Rush Rally Racing for Sega Dreamcast – Official Trailer


No realistic backgrounds. No sponsored cars. Only fun, retro gameplay.

Rush Rush Rally Racing is the latest commercial independent Dreamcast game, to be released in October 2009. Developed by Senile Team; Published by redspotgames;

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  1. Chief Deebo says

    This is fucking pathetic… This shitty little micro machines ripoff is the BEST you could come up with?? This bullshit is worthless mind you it came out 10 years after the DC stopped making games… Unoriginal as fuck… Gay as fuck

  2. IN BAD TASTE says

    this ain't no Rock n Roll racing but it looks like it might be decent, reminds me of micro machines

  3. bensons999 says

    DC- best console EVER.

  4. madmax2069 says

    This looks great. Too bad you cant get it.

  5. SitarKnight says

    Gonna buy this game when I get my next pay check 🙂

  6. toypop says

    Looks a bit like Power Drive Rally for the Atari Jaguar.

  7. AlexGRFan97 says

    It would be awesome if the sequel used 3d cars and tracks and took on a chase camera view rather than an aerial camera view.

  8. stiqman says

    how about making some money with some xbox live arcade releases.

  9. poignant4insights says

    Thank god, I kept my Dreamcast! 🙂

  10. memohavok says

    looks like Rock n roll racing for SNES

  11. gajda1000 says

    13 people don't have DREAMCAST :d

  12. Derek Tailor says

    I think the lighting in the game is superb. This game is alot better then I expected and really does the Dreamcast and the game, justice.

  13. Douglas Inácio says

    name music?

  14. Mananga Lilla says

    music is cool

  15. SolidPython2099 says

    This game is-HARDCORE!!!

  16. colonforsecs says

    I have a development kit, circa 2002. Maybe it may be of some use to your team. I would gladly donate it if it meant you may attempt something that took advantage of the Dreamcast's 3D hardware acceleration.

  17. Rockmirth says

    haha the irony this looks looks almost exactly like a game a made with game maker 😀

  18. RyonsVids says

    i really like the song, and i'm glad someone is making a game for the dreamcast.


  19. colinshark says

    Is Combat Cars!


  20. Chocheonline says

    You gotta get Schenmue. And if you find the same Dreamcast title that you saw already on your old PS1, get the dreamcast version which is way better. For example the Tomb Raider which are better on DC. enjoy.

  21. LiangHuBBB says


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