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Royal Albatross~Health check up by an Ranger ~ 6:40 PM 2020/02/03


©Live Royal Albatross Cam – #RoyalCam – New Zealand Dept. of Conservation | Cornell Lab:

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  1. Roberto says

    Excelente trabalho parabéns a todos vocês biólogos 😎

  2. Rose Hernandez says

    The love and trust they have for the Rangers are amazing

  3. Tennessee PATRIOT says

    They are very trusting and not scared. I assume this has happened many time's over the year's, though. She warned him to not come back, anytime soon, lol.. Clack, clack, clack!

  4. Louis says

    Keep up the good work!! You need more views! Have you ever looked into using smzeus?? You should use it to promote your videos.

  5. Faizah Bokhary says

    Is this real??!!

  6. Здоровье и процветание на долгую жизнь says

    Yes, how wonderful it is-I'm thrilled.I would also be very careful, because I have never seen such respect in my eyes.

  7. Лиса Алиса says


  8. Здоровье и процветание на долгую жизнь says

    Very beautiful. And why do you weigh them? What will change if they have more or less weight?

  9. ELMAS MACİT says

    Very nice

  10. Lil Miss Patriot says


  11. Bette Chic says

    Momma..being a very protective Momma..!! Baby is SO big already..Ty for this video liznm..almost like Mom said clacking at end of video.."Don't come back..!!" 😊💞❤💕💕💕

  12. 山sir says

    Did not bite Sharyn's clothes yesterday.

  13. Liz L says

    I think someone likes the girl rangers better😂. Never saw sniping and pulling shirt before

  14. Sultan Çam says

    Esselamü aleyküm

  15. Люба Широкова says

    Здравствуйте, скажите подростает ли птенец? Кормят ли?

  16. Kellie S says

    😍love seeing little glimpses of the new chick whilst the ranger go about their important work. 👍

  17. Kaliope C says


  18. Hari Priya says


  19. Hari Priya says


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