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Robot Soccer Goes Big Time


As the Euro 2012 and this year’s RoboCup unfold, we imagine what soccer played by robots might be like if one of the world’s most excitable announcing pairs, Ray Hudson and Phil Schoen, called the game.

Enjoy this hilarious yet terrifying vision of our sporting future, but get your laughs in now; these little sporting drones might control us one day.

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  1. Sharkz zy says

    That first goalie robot was godlike 😂

  2. Anton Quintero says

    Dan risa los porteros

  3. Leo Fog says


  4. RA says

    01000111 01001111 01000001 01000001 01000001 01000001 01000001 01000001 01000001 01000001 01000001 01000001 01000001 01001100 01001100 01001100 01001100 01001100 01001100 00100001 00100001 00100001 00100001

  5. Super Shadow says

    So funny😂😂😂

  6. Abhimitra Karreddula says

    is this sarcasm? the first one is like wtf, the goal keeper was not even trying. wat was that?

  7. Stephen Fernandez says

    Robots in 2100 will see this video and realise how the evolution of robots have started this will be taught in many robot history classes

  8. Rennan Duarte says

    are bested easy

  9. toffee says

    look at what the gk pose was when the maych started only 2018 kids will understand

  10. Satviki Vasireddy says

    I competed in this competition robocup for the win

  11. hotvic says

    Neymar Robots

  12. McaRoni AHhhh says

    They need some milk!!!

  13. Let's start do business!! says


  14. 문동선 says

    What an epic match. I just love how the narrator's enthusiasm builds up as the robot toddles toward. xD

  15. Alaks McGregor says

    Luke is responsible for resurrecting more dead videos then I care to think.

  16. Willy Ramirez says

    0:50 best archer


    1:14 pinalty ! 😂😂😂😂😂 where is doctor 😂😂😂😂

  18. RedPainX 999 says

    this reminds of goofball goals


    Goalkeeper LOL XD

  20. Иван Таранов says

    the robots are a way better than the russian national football team

  21. NOWISM says

    Are these robots controlled by remote control or are they programmed to work on their own?

  22. weerobot says


  23. CSGaming - more! says

    0:33 When I get an injury in soccer

  24. Torin Jones says

    Wasn't the first goal offside though?

  25. KZK93 says

    1:30 "Come at me bro"

  26. Dennis Madapatu says


  27. Russell D'Souza says

    i wish i could have one

  28. Hanzala Sarker says

    so funny

  29. lars mats says

    thats seriously funny shit hahahaha

  30. Asadul Hasan Rasel says

    i prefer #diving & #flopping than #cte (#concussion).

  31. Troll Guy says

    This is how I see real football.

  32. maisquecestmoi says

    hmmmm… rise of the machines is for tomorrow

  33. CPTANT says

    Their ability to fall to the ground at the slightest provocation catches the behaviour of actual football players really well.

  34. The Running Fool says

    1:00 "IT'S PURE GENIUS!"

  35. RLvids says

    This is the best thing I've ever seen. U go lil robots

  36. Tourmaline says

    I find this more entertaining than human sports.

  37. Petri Leskinen says


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