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Ring Fit Adventure Reveal Trailer – Nintendo Switch


Learn more about the new experience for Nintendo Switch, coming October 18th!

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  1. Asuka Watanabe says

    Ain’t the girl same in Dhar Mann’s video?

  2. charvelgtrs says

    This almost comes off as a parody or something. It's so haunting.

  3. Mark Joseph Soliman says

    She’s in dharmann

  4. Tim Suh says

    Nah I'll stick to wii fit it can track my weight

  5. Jackman Official says

    Ring Fit Protagonist For Wii Fit Trainer Echoe For Smash

  6. Coffee Cats Kimchi says

    That man has never played a video game in his life and he is scaring me. A lot.

  7. TheRealEagle YT says

    The lady actor works for Dhar Mann

  8. Zzider says

    Idkw but i cringed so much watching them

  9. buffyboyster says

    These actors are WAY TOO INTENSE

  10. Hanan Malaysia says

    Waste $100 just for plastic ring

  11. siguy715 says

    Why are the guy's eyes so red?

  12. Mila Widyani says

    Wait isnt the girl from dhar mann

  13. Cookie says

    Did anyone notice that the Lady appears in Dhars Mann’s videos

  14. stella marie bongcaron says

    the girl from dhar mann

  15. TheSCoder says

    The lady is a dhar Mann actress.

  16. Máté Baranyi says

    Sportsmaster and Tigress vibes

  17. Portable Wii U says

    bruh that lady is a dhar mann actor

  18. MummY N says

    0:31 isnt that he lady that now work in dhar mann studio.

  19. 「 Astralities 」 says

    finally a good way to persuade my parents to buy me a switch

  20. Tariq Mahmood says

    The girl is from dharr man

  21. Miyuru Eranda says

    Nice, they hired presenters from Bioshock.

  22. Che David says

    Pls for a Nintendo

  23. zanthus pangilinan800 says

    The only reason i watched this is because of that girl in the beginning is from dhar mann

  24. Luke Mastis says

    She looks like a Karen

  25. ⦅ʀᴇᴇᴍᴀ⦆ says

    Here from the merrell twins video?✌?

  26. Amos says

    okayyyy isn't this the girl from dhar Mann

  27. Vicente Molina says



  29. sarah says

    I have the feeling i know that woman…

  30. kathleen marie syd says

    um anyone notice the girl from DHAR MANN????? no comments??? wow ok wow

  31. PuntoCasa says

    Yo kay waych yo kay watch

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