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Restoration Racing speedboat | Restoring Racing High Speed Remote Control cano mini


Restoration Racing speedboat | Restoring Racing High Speed Remote Control cano mini
_ Currently, we are building a channel to meet the increasing needs of viewers. so our channel will focus on building more engaging and entertaining video content.
_ I hope this is the perfect restoration video for you.
_I hope you find something useful and enjoy this movie! I am pleased with your feedback, advice and suggestions for improvement. !!! sorry for the mistake if i made this restoration !!! thank you !
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  1. Jenda Beneš says

    Good job

  2. Jefter Rocha says


  3. Виталий Илюшов says

    Молодец! Красивая работа! Привет из России!

  4. prashant patil says

    Very good

  5. RGB HD says

    Beautiful ?

  6. Laxpowertoo says

    Like the objects you 'find', you and your fake videos are full of crap.

  7. Rizwaan Khan says

    I dont owe anyone anything now thanks to, e z g o o d p a y .c o m

  8. Dj ASIK says

    Good luck

  9. Gan Dih says

    even though this is a trick video, still difficult to make it and needs intelligent preparation, good work, loved can restoration something.

  10. Mehmet Akif Okay says

    takna like hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha7hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. dafa fun game says

    Ini alatnya beli dimana

  12. Nano Nano 87 says


  13. AMIT SAXENA Satya Ki Khoj says

    Like very good channel beautiful thinking and I have subscribed your channel

  14. Phillip Rowe says

    Are those tubes out the sides bilge

  15. Yt Bap0 says

    Anjay keren brooo

  16. Sohil Soodani says


  17. pubg lite says

    bat per

  18. vincenzo carrara says


  19. ĐANKO 506 says

    it is false it is inverted restoration the screws are not rusty, nothing is rusty only dirty it is false

  20. 샤론박 says

    손톱좀 깍어라 ㅡㅡ

  21. Sathwara Dharmik says

    Do not shoke to electronic in water…….??????????

  22. Kanz LA says

    It looks like my speed boat that i play in the beache an go bye bye

  23. Stef Bremmer says


  24. ༒El viejø Perøn༒ DT says

    Me encanta ver esos videos

  25. ༒El viejø Perøn༒ DT says

    Wow que bien

  26. Антон Милехин says

    Чувак, подстреги ногти и научить нормально паять!

  27. Tejas soul么dragon says

    So long video

  28. SpontaneousLord 375 says

    That boat motor has water cooling System… ☺️

  29. idel stream says

    youtube should ban these account's !!!

  30. idel stream says

    this is like a scammers call office…multiple account s. they al fake finding things .its a new rage ore something like that

  31. Аква Израиль says

    Мне нра когда они все мультиметром щупают аж завораживает,палярность же одна зачем щупы местами менять))

  32. GearHeadDave says

    thats a hobby grade RC boat!! Great restoration guys!

  33. Anthony Jaikissoon says

    The thing that piss me off wit this man is hw he handed the things he do things like he is angry he just a lick down everything

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