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Regenerative Agriculture – Part 1


Carbon Dioxide levels in our atmosphere continue to climb, as does our global atmospheric temperature. Despite greater awareness of the issues, and huge strides forward by the renewable energy industry, we are not having any effect on the overall problem. But some people think we’re looking in the wrong place for the solution and that all we need to do is take some lessons from the way nature has always used it’s resources to regulate heat across our blue planet.

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  1. M. J. Golden says

    "Ecology is the meaning of life. Truth, justice, equity, and sustainability are the ideals whereby ecology is maintained." – Dr. Glen Barry
    "A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” – Aldo Leopod, The Land Ethic, A Sand County Almanac.

  2. carls apartments says

    12.5 years and this video is almost a year old now… so it's game over now then isn't it!

  3. david williams says

    Don't worry abouts man's carbon, too small to have any effect. Alot of nonsense in these reports.

  4. Andrew Nel says

    Not to be concerned:
    Due to feminist golddiggers and cock blocking terrorists the bulk of the female population are reaching the age of infertility without procreating so with the female population failing to replace themselves the human population will decline drastically.
    Of more concern is the fact that the economy derives value from the future consumers and with negative population growth, is doomed to recession.

  5. steveq34 says

    Shouldn't it be "morron" techniques instead of "more on"???

  6. Gary Ha says

    Where's the scientific proof regarding CO2? It's only 0.00042 of the atmosphere. I need a specific answer, a link, preferably a video, not answers like … are you blind? or just do a search dude. I have already looked around and could not find anything except the congregation of believing people expressing their faith in CO2 with no real scientific basis for it, only the fact that someone confidently told them it is bad and stands ready to scorn them if they dare question it or <gasp> dare ask for proof. I'd like to see a science experiment demonstrating infrared absorption by CO2 so I won't have to conduct the experiment myself.

  7. David Hilderman says

    He didn't mention that plant biomass worldwide has increased the equivalent of the Amazon rain forest over the last 30 years and 70% of this is due to increased CO2 in the atmosphere. Wheat rice and corn yields have increase 15-25% due to CO2 increases as well. Also a very important thing to note is that prior to photosynthesis there was no O2 in the atmosphere. All oxygen that we breathe in CO2 that was changed to O2 by photosynthesis.

  8. Cicero Araujo says

    Thank you for your insightful videos

  9. Jose Hawking says

    And Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactors.?

  10. theuncalledfor says

    Burning down forests without even harvesting the wood is truly an absolute moron technique. At least use the wood as construction material or for making charcoal or for firing a power plant or something. Burning down forests is the most brainlessly wasteful thing I could possibly imagine.

    I'm not saying the forests should be destroyed at all. I'm saying of they're gonna be destroyed anyway, at least use them.

    Wait, letting land lay fallow for a year just means not planting anything in it? How is that supposed to help anything?! I do not understand the logic behind that, you need something in there to revitalize it, like some kind of plant that can fix atmospheric nitrogen, that gets then mixed into the soil or something. Just leaving land empty without anything growing in it makes zero sense! Where are the nutrients supposed to come from?! They don't just magically appear!

  11. Mike's Motors says

    We had 12 years to live in the early 80s. I'm gonna guess that the ocean level will ho up and people will live.

    Water vapor is also the number 1 increase in albedo.

  12. Lynda Schroeder says

    We were organic farmers for 20 years, planted cover crops chopped them down. Dosked

  13. Dave of OZ says

    Thank you ??, very informative, its a pity there are so many triggered trolls making stupid comments.?

  14. 42thgamer says

    Very interesting!

  15. john beach says

    Good i love global warming ,at the moment it is 4 degrees c outside .,so i reckon another 5 degrees would be great ,bring it on…

  16. tom ellis says

    I've grown long hair and a beard and moustache to lock up carbon.

  17. Fleury Jean-François says

    Very nice video. Nevertheless, there is a problem in the time chart. Indeed, there are assumptions that Diskagma Buttonii was an early lichen 2200 million years ago from a paleosol in South Africa. More recently, fossils have been identified as lichenized Glomeromycota in Doushantuo formation in southern which are 551 to 635 million years old. It is supposed that lichenization occured frequently during Precambrian without, perhaps, being permanent. The fossil fauna of Rhynie (Scotland) shows the existence of a (tiny) ecosystem in a volcanic spring with little insects and little vegetals mycorhized with fungal hyphea 410 million years ago. There were already giant ferns in the form of trees 26 feet tall on the site of Gilboa (New-York) 385 million years ago which makes me think that the apparition of plants on lands was much, much earlier and that the work of lichens on the soil has been more old. Then, the story described, despite being exact in the content, is much more old.

  18. TheFall ThisFall says

    Not even watching this video. This is not, and never will be "a thing". The only thing growing, and will continue to grow, is factory farming.

    Unless of course, pretty much everyone stops having kids.

    And just FYI…..as far as water vapor….yeah…..that feedback loop has already long been started, and will just keep getting worse. No matter what we do now.

    (And then they found they were wrong, time, and time, and time, and time, again. And, they still do so, because they're still fudging the actual numbers.) (Because the economists actually dictate things, not scientists.)

  19. Jesse Davis says

    What a load of evolutionary crap that has literally nothing to do with regenerative agriculture.

    Ignore this guy and buy the book Regenerative Agriculture by Richard Perkins.

  20. Kate Wolf says

    You mention that animal managment takes a lot of human time. Yes it would have in the past. But better solutions were developed by amongst others Joel Salatin. So that if you follow savory style mob grazing, of ruminants, with Chickens living on beatles that breakdown the fecal waste, you get faster soil creation. However, besides electrified fences that we move the mob between every day, supply water, shelter, and egg colection. We are rapidly developing small robots that automate this whole process.

  21. KA Boozle says

    More-on technique is pronounced as “moron technique”. Coincidence?

  22. peter dollins says

    See Monbiot's crotique of Jenner's suggeted methods.

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