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Recreate Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 'Total Football' in FIFA 20 | FIFA 20 Custom Tactics


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In this video, I show you how to not only replicate Johan Cruyff’s ‘Total Football’ 3-4-3, but also how to adapt it slightly so that it will actually work in-conjunction with the FIFA 20 gameplay.

Cruyff’s 3-4-3 was an adaptation of multiple attacking systems developed in the early Ajax days of Jack Reynolds – and also the Netherlends team of the 1970s when Cruyff was a player. He then went on to utilise this system and way of thinking whilst manager of Ajax and Barcelona.

The system is not only about maintaining possession, but also about creating and exploiting space. The diamond of four in the midfield allows them to keep the ball, whilst creating space through the means of the wingers. Three centre backs helps to give them a little bit more protcetion at the back without full backs in the system.
FIFA 20 AC Milan Career Mode:

PES 2020 Man United Master League:

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  1. Broma18 says

    Check out some of my playlists:
    FIFA 20 Recreate Real Tactics Playlist: https://bit.ly/2lcPUkc
    Football Opinions Playlist: https://bit.ly/3fZWfqb
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  2. tdoglol says

    Hey if i send you a picture of my team that i have on fifa 20 can you do the same thing in this video and explain which formation and what settings i should have for them because i am new to football and i don’t know a lot. Thank you.

  3. julian says

    Holland 1974

  4. LenZzX says

    Messi should be the CAM

  5. Loukas Bampalis says

    The tactics work great. One correction though. The focus is not actually suarez but messi as the CAM. With these exact instructions messi plays a 1-2 with suarez while he has his back turned to the goal and he draws the CB attention so with a through ball messi is easily having a 1 on 1 with the keeper.

  6. jake milani says

    the LCM and RCM should be getting forward thats what cruyff's was doing to putting pressure at all times and all the midfielders were free roaming except Guardiola who was the center defensive midfielder
    the whole point of Cruyff's tactics was that all the center midfielders were going to places and not sticking to the same position
    you gotta stay true to the tactics and not works for this Barcelona

  7. Shane Vessey says

    Just played a guy using this formation in fut Champs but I've been told you carnt play with it in ultimate team anyone know how

  8. lefika mbakile says

    Love your content bro❤❤❤

  9. TheLukeguy7 says

    Such awesome videos mate, can you make one of these for Argentina 2006 world cup team that scored the greatest world cup goal every 26 passes with Riquelme, Crespo, Saviola, Cambiasso etc?

  10. Jameel Hennicks says

    Replace Messi for dembele, replace rakitic for Messi, replace Vidal for Arthur, use griezmann as back up striker and buy a winger like Kingsley coman to replace griezmann with

  11. Evan Ohuabunwa says

    Hey man I love your video series! The work is great and very unique. Could you do a video on Conte’s Chelsea 3-4-3?

  12. Sporting law 9 1 says

    conte's 3-4-3 at Chelsea

  13. AFC_ diviser says

    You should play Tagliafico and Mazraoui or in generell right and left backs that can be offensive and use them for left and right wing

  14. CG FALCON says

    shitiest tactics ever,,,,dont try this/.

  15. Veydaant Khanna says

    Hey man, nice video but I have some disagreements. Your left and right CMs are too positionally conservative adding an odd rigidity to the system. I don't think Total Football would warrant then staying back on attack. One of them should even be a late runner in the box to create overloads and exploit errors due to the press. The CAM should be a free role positionally, imo. Let me know what you think

  16. Robbydob says

    I bought Johan Cruyff's book that he wrote and this is a direct quote from him of an example of how your players should move away from the ball and move off the ball.

    "I use those five lines as my starting point. It's essential that everybody realizes that the build-up starts when the goalkeeper has the ball. He is the first attacking player and in most of these situations defenders will react quicker than attackers, with one of the full backs already moving forward and available to receive the ball, and by passing the ball to him the first team move is set up. The attacking winger now has to run forward to create the space for the full back. In the meantime, the first line of defenders, in other words the opponent's forwards, has been outplayed and you are setting up an attack. The opponent has to make choices that stop the full back going forward, and the trick is to anticipate this. I will give two simple examples of when lines need to work together. First, when your striker moves to the right, one of the two opposition central defenders has to follow him and the other one has to move up to cover the extraman situation that has been created by your full back running forward. In this tactic the left winger and the striker are now facing one-on-one situations. The second possibility is for the left back to pass the ball hard twenty metres forward to the striker, who then passes it back to a forward-moving right midfielder. If the midfielder has time his run correctly he will have an advantage over his opponent, which creates one-on-one situations on the right-hand side of the pitch. The idea of these tactics is to surprise the opposition and to create uncertainty. For example, when the left back has passed the ball via a midfielder to his left winger, and he can dribble past his opponent, then anything can happen in front of goal. When he crosses the ball the striker will move from the ride side towards the near post, thus creating space for the right midfielder. Johan Neeskens scored plenty of goals using this tactic. In this attacking movement three-quarters of the team are behind the ball and everybody is facing the goal. This takes away the risk of a counter-attack and you are in the right position to pick up the second ball and to defend by pushing forward."

    I paid for this book and I'm willing to share one of the most important chapters of this book with the world. Enjoy it! I'm aware that there are two spelling errors in this and every single word and grammar is exactly how it is in the book. Peace!

  17. Jonathan Foley says

    3-4-3 diamond has been removed

  18. Faramund says

    Too bad this can't be done in FUT, quite odd…

  19. Arnold sekandi says

    Absolutely fascinating man. Keep up the good work man and the presentation is so amazing, wow!

  20. jay bowling says

    Can you do a Marcelo Bielsa leeds utd team.

  21. Ali Riayde Jawad says

    Hey, I'm new to FIFA and I want to know which difficulty I should play my FIFA 20 Burnely career mode on. I tried world class and legendary, but found them too difficult and unrealistic because I wouldn't be able to build up play and keep possession despite following your tactics, both Cruyff's and Pep's, word for word. What tends to happen is that the enemy overloads the midfield and sends one of their CBs to press my backline so that all of my defenders are tightly man marked and I have no choice but to play a back pass to my keeper and restart my build up. This is in midfield. In my own third, it gets even worse with the man marking becoming so tough and unrealistic to the point I have only my one CB and my keeper free for passes 90% of the time, which causes a lot of frustration on my part. I like to play realistic football, not challenging and unfair football and ever since I switched to professional when I started my Burnley career mode, I found it a lot easier, but still challenging enough that it felt right. I've won 4-0 against Southampton, lost 1-2 against Arsenal because their defending was top notch and were lethal on the counter, lost 2-3 to Wolves, won 5-3 against Liverpool FC, which is a shocking win because Liverpool's defense is usually good at dealing with counter attacks, and got a narrow 2-1 win against Brighton Hove Albion. So, this is my performance so far on professional. On legendary or world class, I get crushed because I simply can't build up play and retain the ball enough to keep my system functioning optimally for the full 90 minutes. But, I'm open to critcisms and suggestions and feel free to leave any in the reply section because I'm wondering if you've had the same issues Broma18 with possession play on the newer FIFA games on the hardest difficulties.

  22. Thabang Fortune says

    What about alba and semedo

  23. Harvey Kelly says

    Nice try, but the wide players shouldn't be on 'come back on defence' – you think Stoichkov was tracking his fullback? – instead the #10, Bakero, should be on 'come back on defence'. Plus, Michael Laudrup was the #9 who used to drop deep so probably 'false 9' instructions needed on him – not a target man type player as you mention. If you want to recreate the later/1994 version with Romario, it would be a speedy striker with get in behind instructions.

  24. Mees Derksen says

    Leeds bielsa:)

  25. michael says

    Spain’s World Cup and Euros winning team tactics please and another awesome video bro ??

  26. isaac shon says

    Well my dear friends I have tried this formation and instructions and have some conclusions. First of all, constant pressure makes the players very tired especially Messi. Secondly, it may not be that Messi comes down to defense really wrong. And to play with 3 cb’s on the back is almost impossible.

  27. isaac shon says

    and I forgot something about the another important issue. iam talk about al the game plan?

  28. isaac shon says

    you make a great job mate. do you continue with a defensive tactics also? It’s very important to me please????

  29. isaac shon says

    Hello good friend how are you? I need your help lately I'm playing Friendly Online. As usual with Barca and a friend of mine playing with P S G is in the 433/4 formation method everything I try to do against him shows I am losing I have tried several options of formation 41212. 4231. and even the same formation . I don't consider myself playing big but I know how to play. The problem is I've lost every game for the last 7 games and I'm losing what you can offer me or help me. I really appreciate you answering me

  30. lil kavon says

    would be nice if u played a game to show how it works in game

  31. Neon Cross says

    Can you make a PES 2020 version of this?

  32. Tashrif Alam says

    I am using this formation in FIFA 19, and for some reason the stamina just drains for the constant pressure, my CBs are almost knackered by the end of the game.

  33. Tashrif Alam says

    I am using the formation for Schalke 04, but the only thing the players get absolutely drained by the end of the game. Any solutions for that?

  34. Liam Johansson says

    Who should be on the right instead of messi though?

  35. Teddy Wilson - says

    I will have a try on this

  36. Obinna Asuzu says

    This formation is left really exposed on the counter because of the high level of depth in defense.And also due to constant pressure in tactical instruction. Any solutions?

  37. Andy Sheriff says

    Kevin Keegan's Newcastle United "The Entertainers" (95-96)
    Sam Allardyce's Bolton Wanderers (03-07)

  38. Football Fumb says

    I am trying this as 343 & starting very well thanks with a low chem bad Team. One thing [ in UT ] is there is no cam?, so no instructions. I`ll tweet you.

  39. Football Fumb says

    very good interesting video – I`ll try it, thx & GL. Suitable players / work-rates would be useful.

  40. Baidouwi says

    Sir alex ferguson manchester tactics will be amazing

  41. Chris Gates says

    These videos are amazing and have made my career modes so much more enjoyable. Thanks mate.

  42. Le fleur du pays 40g says

    Amazing content ! Spain 2010 could be great too

  43. enoch mensah says

    Another brilliant video. But I’m still waiting for the defending tutorial because I really suck at it this year

  44. felpa97 says

    You should play a game to demonstrate the tactics! Great content

  45. Omer Nissim says

    Do arsenal 4-4-2. 2003/04

  46. Dion Vanderdeure says

    Do 2-7-2 of juve B

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