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Real Soccer 2012 – Mobile Gameplay


Real Soccer 2012 gameplay.
– IOS:

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  1. Pes prøfęssïønăł says

    hhhhhhhhh sita jeo

  2. Miguel Angel Cordero says

    Tienen que probar el juego "SOCCUP 2018" a mi me tiene enganchado, es un juego de fútbol con chapas donde tienes habilidades y compites contra otros online. Puro vicio!!

  3. john vavou says


  4. Mariano Sandoval says

    in lg bits not funsiona

  5. LalinHooT says

    an no football snd best

  6. Imtiyaz Ahmed says

    I got 11 scored today

  7. berley vilcin says

    so shiettttttttttttttttttttttt i dont like it

  8. Keaton Blatz says

    You suck at that

  9. Likeitha McNair says

    o shut up

  10. Ibad Ur Rehman says

    yo awsome game

  11. Jonatas Oliveira Bastos says

    como muda a camera ?

  12. Tg Ggfg says

    رائع رائع وجميل

  13. Harrison Sanchez says


  14. FourLeaf Clover says

    ….youre not a good player……

  15. Geme Dede says

    O meu não fica com árbitro

  16. Blue Light says

    u have to pay for stamina pts

  17. KaBtain ZA says

    It was the best game in 2012/2013 until 2013 was released

  18. Weise Weiss says

    Israel in world cup oh my god i hope that will never happens 

  19. ouRocha says

    showw :p

  20. xuzyn zoxiy says

    fifa 14 …latest game and better than this .

  21. Phạm Hoàng Sớm says


  22. Tedo Strike says

    en amateur je bat tt le monde 20-0

  23. Tedo Strike says

    t es nul moi je joue en légende s il y avait en ligne je t eclaterais

  24. Darius Lujerdean says

    Fifa 14 is MORE better than this shit…Whatever i don't like the graphics

  25. Irving Hdz says


  26. 1231sebastianc says

    No advanced tricks u suck

  27. Thomas D. says

    nice coole gameplay ik heb een xperia j en natuurlijk is ie weer ni compatibel met FIFA maar nu ik deze heb is FIFA niet meer nodig thx + sub

  28. Virtual Gossip says

    Sou do Brasil , e achei muito legal o Video.

  29. devasoccer2 says

    What a pro game in the world

  30. Sarah knox says

    Epic game

  31. Christian Navarro says

    Just get fifa on 4shared.com

  32. Slim xso says

    thats level is so easy man@

  33. JoshJohn195 says

    does it work on ios 3.1.3????

  34. oobertuberdude says

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  35. Guillermo Vidal says

    jajaj pobre palermo, me re acuerdo de los 3 penales que se erró xD

  36. umar mohamed says

    Its aqsome

  37. CiclonMC says

    nuqleo quatnum 7

  38. WobbleTV says

    waarom zit er geen geluid bij??

  39. Keerthi Maiya says

    i purchared this game from gameloeft.but still it is not the real version.it has no certificates

  40. Driss Amahri says

    sorry but i dont like this game i tink pes is butter.

  41. troxy says


  42. legoclonesergio says

    i dont know.

  43. thepunisher236169 says

    are all players real?

  44. findizi12 says

    If you don't want to pay change the date to the next day and you will have a bonus works on all gameloft games

  45. Lucas Brown says

    Great game but it would be better if you didn't need to pay dollars for every single thing

  46. Abenezer Mebrate says

    is there any way i can play online with ppl

  47. Abenezer Mebrate says

    am so good at this game it is not even funny 15-0

  48. Lewis Meadows says

    points? were you playing basketball? 😉

  49. Crash Phantom says

    that type dificulty as so boring nobody try you take the ball and score goals is so easy i think dificulty somethig more pro or legendary like fifa!!!!! and the graphics no so bad for iphone or android nice game!!!!!!!!

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