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Real Racing 3: Game Team – Formula 1®, NASCAR & Aston Martin Valkyrie 9.0


It’s the final update of the year and we’re thrilled to go out with a bang! Find out what surprises we have install for you in our latest episode of Game Team.

Real Racing 3 is available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store:

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  1. Julius Kasaija says

    And MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎅 from your lovely fan

  2. Julius Kasaija says

    I have played this game for 2 years and each yeah I love it so much 😍 ❤ 💕 . EA is the BEST

  3. azhar shaikh says

    Can we talk in this game

  4. ATUL SHIWARE says

    I love this game and really awesome gamen and it's like racing in real world😊😃😄🤑🏎🏎🏎🏎🚌🚙🚕

  5. ATUL SHIWARE says

    This is the cool racing game and real game

  6. クレアおばさんのウィリアムズ says

    We want free ran mode.

  7. Truong An says

    And me…….. I have been playing this game more than ten years

  8. Jacob Allen says

    Have you ever considered adding a sort of free play option where you can chose any track and cars from any of the in-game series. I think that would be pretty cool (and maybe the Nordschleife)

  9. Junior Junior says

    I will join your team

  10. Junior Junior says

    Wow thanks

  11. Eh 3 says


  12. Theo Lucca says


  13. Абдуллах Абдуллах says


  14. 4m1oK? Shadow says

    Adding weathers to the game is a great idea

  15. varun mishra says

    There are some issues with the brands hatch circuit….every time I choose the circuit to race the game stops working and hangs

  16. lhxn says

    Yeah whatever just give us some kind of a free mode to enjoy these cars

  17. Watch Out says

    Please add new tracks in the 2020 F1 invitational series in rr3😭😭

  18. Hundro TV says

    Can y'all put the devel sixteen in the game for Christmas plz 🤗

  19. The Mask says

    Too many frame glitches. Some days a diamond some days a stone, sometimes I have to leave real racing alone.

  20. Juan Manuel Ramirez Carrillo says

    I'd love to see the new hypercars coming at Le mans 2021 – 22

  21. Atif Naim says

    Add supra😂😂

  22. Robert Cobzac says

    How to get dat car??????

  23. Yasser_ MHD says

    WW and audi Mercedes Peugeot why no

  24. Gede Suryadi says

    What's wrong with Brands Hatch can not be loaded?

  25. Meh says

    Where is «First Flight»? Would be nice with a search function.

  26. Breno Muniz lopes says

    Next bugatti bolide,bugatti 300, ssc tuatara, jesko.

  27. Get The Dad Out ! says

    How about some gold!!!

  28. Itiiseng Mongale says

    Will we get the Nurburgring the longest race track

  29. Robert Dorszewski says

    Gra dobra ale jeszcze dużo jej brakuje . Mocno pociąga na zysk💩🚽

  30. Eric Horchuck says

    Hey guys, great update! I'm really looking forward to the Spanish GP! Ive been wanting to drive the F1 cars on that track for a LONG time! I know it's hard with the licensing but if there's a way to finish off the 2020 season with The Eiffel GP at Nurburgring well, that would be AMAZING! Regardless, thanks for all your great work on RR3. It really is one of the most fun (and sometimes frustrating 🤪) things in my life. Take care and happy holidays!

  31. MauroCreator's says

    Please the next update: More bugatti's (Bugatti Divo, Bugatti bólide!!!!!!!!!)

  32. Chucky boy Stanley says

    Pikes Peak, in the Loeb Peugeot, a special or a racing truck.
    Plus please add the FULL Brands Hatch GP circuit

  33. Khalidity says

    F1MR is more fun tho, no M$ no R$ no nonsense, play RR3 for formula e only 😆

  34. Rhys Malcolm says

    Real racing 4

  35. Tdaimon says

    Free room please

  36. yungdadi says

    No indycars yet and no pitstops

  37. Gonzalo Rios Aceval says

    estaria muy pero muy bueno que empezaran con los circuitos de actc y rally

  38. Ale _05 says

    I play the game since 2014 and now i’m really good at it, i love this game,the graphics the cars and everything but the thing that i hate the most is that you are adding a lot of new cars but we need to spend a lot of gold on them and for me as a free to play gamer i’m stuck in the career at the 2014 ferrari f1 one and i cant buy it because it costs 950 gold and i only have 100 so if u van please add the ferrari f14 t to the past events that u can repeat please

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