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Real Madrid's Last XI: Where Are They In 2025? Football Manager 2020 Simulation


Real Madrid are looking to win La Liga this season, with Zinedine Zidane’s men looking on course to win the title. But where will these players be come the year 2025? We use Football Manager 2020 to ‘find out’.

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  1. Connorgunalose says

    Marcelo will be the next Zidane

  2. Elliot Brailey says

    Marcelo will finally devote his life to killing Bart Simpson.

  3. Hello There says

    Benzema, Modric and Marcelo were a shite street gang, until they recruited Sergio Ramos.

  4. Diego Moreira says

    marcelo will be a youtuber when he retirer

  5. Ville Vigren says

    I think Marcelo even himself said couple years ago that when he retires, he will start to travel alongside Pepe who apparantely is a close friend of his. So maybe they are in middle of Amazonia or something.

  6. Vinny Jefferson says

    Marcelo became

    A hair dresser

  7. Vinny Jefferson says

    Every 2020 golden boy nomination where are they in 2025. Been waiting ages for this seems like a great number.

  8. SG M says

    Can u do one about Liverpools development team (Southampton)
    Or make a video of current 5-10, 11-17 etc of the prem. Of the best players, from each team(current and 2025).

  9. Jmck 03 says

    This channel is god tier

  10. Beats by Admiral Z says

    In my save, Courtois keeps talking with the media about my players needing to sign for Madrid which was so annoying to the point that I decided to buy him and stuff him in the reserves lol

  11. Devanté Lee Hue says

    Marcelo will become a postman in England

  12. Aayush Bhattarai says

    Elecspo plz can u upload the save file

  13. sam hockey says

    Premier league in 2025 and every teams best player.

  14. sam hockey says

    Look at the premier league table in 2025 and every teams best player.

  15. Leo Conway says

    How about Lyon

  16. Bandy Playz115 says

    Coutouis asked for 13

  17. Archie Howlison says

    Could you show us the international competitions in 5 yrs time
    Or maybe go 6 yrs in the future to see the 2026 World Cup and show us the lineups of the winners or sumthin

  18. Erica says

    I wonder if there will be another captain with as good results in the champions league as Ramos.

  19. Simon B says

    He retired at 33 for me! In February!

  20. Formerly known as ZamDd says

    Legend says this video will be recommended by HITC Sport

  21. Bananaking5553 says


  22. Amit's Acoustics says

    I'm not sure if you've already done this but the what about the top leagues tables in 5 years time?

  23. David Thomas says

    Marcelo will be selling his own hair products

  24. Patrick Pot says

    Ajax in 2025

  25. Melon says

    Please do one on everton

  26. Dado Dado says

    Lester city

  27. Gaurav Sharma says

    When will you do one with atletico madrid?

  28. John Smith says

    Marcelo to be a hairdresser

  29. luka luka says

    Casemiro probbably ran over developer cat

  30. DrSubjects says

    This is boring. Dislike ??

  31. Thaw Zin Naing says

    Do a video on Bayern Munich, where thr current squad will be in 2025

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