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Reacting to the worst soccer fails (broken bones)


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So just do that. Oh yeah did you see that bell at the end of the subscribe button that is how you get notified. Thanks and have a great day bye,King lorenzo Seals. wait wait wait go and cop the merch: i love all of you guys hope fully we can reach 1000 subscribers one day and im just going to have to wait on my dream on youtube was to start to earn my own revenue and rovide more videos for money. videos when the get monetized is like your giving someone a gift and they’re giving you money for the gift you gave then. Youtube wants you to to provide more family friendly videos so you can get revenue as a young or old citizen all around the world. That is what im working on as a youtuber with 100 subscribers and i’m still striving for more subscribers so i can one day go to viDcon and other places. Its been KLS REACTS peeeeeecccccceeeeeee out!.

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    Great video

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    Wassup bro

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