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Rainbow Six Siege: The MUSICAL 2


The GØØNS Podcast –


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♦ TheDooo – Red
♦ Soup – Green
♦ Blarg – Orange
♦ Grizzy – Yellow
♦ Jaayy – Royal Blue
♦ TuxBird – Sky Blue
♦ RaccoonEggs – Purple


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  1. Quacking_Crow says

    I just fucking watched an awesome ad on eminem's and beyonces concert then after it's done I forgot I have to come back to this dumb ass excuse of a musical 😂

  2. Shawn Ward says

    if your truly braindead you should listen to this

  3. Mobile_Plays says


  4. Random ThinsYT says

    Aren't ear glasses hearing aids

  5. _ Chrisfcg04 says

    What is the song that theDooo was playing at the start of the video.

  6. Potato Plays says

    I saw the Madison beer stuff with the voiceovers is so cringe

  7. Alter Vrataski says

    Oh god, I had water in my mouth at the rap song, and I had to hold it the entire song otherwise I would spit on my keyboard. It's purely amazing

  8. DoubLe_ L says

    I really need to stop watching y’all when I eat😂🤢

  9. recruit main says


  10. kasey mattingly says

    What’s that music they play in the first 1:002:00

  11. Charlie Napier says

    4:45 dooo the musician went from g to b great job musician

  12. なんでこれを翻訳するの says

    stop shitting on dooo lol, hes talented

  13. Michael Seger says

    Soup “AAAAHHHHHHH!” Me when i was in choir in middle school. I dropped and transferred to band. Didnt work out either

  14. Mike Wazowski says

    McNasty and the guys would totally get the golden buzzer on "America's Retards Got Talent"

  15. Jairo says

    Boys help me im looking for the my friend 7/11

  16. Ava D says

    am i the only one that’s aLso a fan of markiplier- lol

  17. Its Hunterrr says


  18. RC 1207 says

    Why did the podcast name change?

  19. XxChelloxX 423 says


  20. Depressed Jiggle Billy says

    "Let's turn this on."
    Plays every 50's song at once

  21. herman lakner says

    Who else wants to see 7/11 The Musical Animated?

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