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RAINBOW Bana Pari Ka New Friend | Magical Story / Fun Story


Hello friends today we are posting very interesting and funny video for you. Do like and share my video with your friends.
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Background music by – YouTube library & Epidemic Sound

Cast -Sanskruti(Pari),Sanket,Pratiksha
Directed By – Priti Patil
Edited By – Saurabh Ghanekar

#ParisLifestyle​ #FunnyVideo​ #RainbowFreind

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  1. S's Flora kitchen and daily vlog says

    Yes when you make Q and A

  2. Madhu sudana rao says

    Pari why you will not comment for anyone I am always waiting for your comment..

  3. Rohit Singh says

    My question is apne kis kis ko sub kiya ha aur apko kya khane me pasand ha aur fav colour aur apka number 🥺 this is my question

  4. Payal Dalia says


  5. Umesh Vasava says

    Hy pari my name is harshita

  6. Vinay Kapale says

    When you will be make the question and answer my question is
    1) wher do you live
    2) please tell your number

  7. Patel Raj says

    Pari priti apaki kaun hoti hai?

  8. Patel Raj says

    Q and a please

  9. Rachana Raturi says


  10. Fahad Saeed says

    Ap spicy noodles challenge karain priti or sanket kain sath

  11. Jaswant Chittora says

    Please please please please do q&a

  12. eshaal. royal dream world says

    Omg pari pls make a among video in ga me and real lifee

  13. Siddhi Joshi says


  14. Kumari Vandana says

    When you will make Q and A

  15. Shanaya Bhalotia says

    Congratulations for 5 million subscribers 🎉🎉🎂🎊🎊💐💐

  16. Pankaj Mani says

    Please make q answer video please

  17. Friends forever says

    wow magical story

  18. Friends forever says

    hi pari

  19. Sangharsh Sonawane says

    Please make Qna video and in that you have to show your number

    Who want Pari's number hit like 👍

  20. neeraj bhandula says

    Please aap aise mat karo ham itne time se wait kar rahe hain for Q&A video ☹️☹️ don't do like this

  21. Archana Devi says

    What is your phone number

  22. neeraj bhandula says

    If you don't want to make Q&A video don't say that when there will be 5 million subscribers of Pari's Lifestyle we will make Q&A video it has been 5.15 million subscribers when you are going to make Q&A video

  23. toy star aaradhya and manasvi girl says

    my name is aaradhya My question can you give my answer you are excited say question your real favourite actor and food and your favourite character for cartoon. Your favourite cartoon I am youtuber my channel 2 name first my miss aaradhya lifestyle second channel name toy star aaradhya and manasvi girl thank you very much

  24. Muhammad Nazeer says

    oh wow pari so beautiful rainbow pari is so cute and video is so amazing my name is marwa where is q and a video

  25. Baby Saha says

    When You Make Q&A Your 5Million Subscribers Are Done 5.14M Subscribers

  26. Kavithaasher Kavithaasher says

    Pari kya tum Apna Ghar Bata sakti ho

  27. Sharda Mishra says


  28. Samiran Das says


    Hey Parivar are you living

  29. sahar rizvi says

    meh pari its funny i am sukaina the ballon is on the arm lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol


    When you create a q a video please😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  31. Maya Kobir says


  32. Kokab Saleem says

    This is nonsence video so dont make video

  33. Archana Rai says


  34. anjali Sharma says

    Aap apna q&a kyo nahi kar rahe ho Mera q&a ka question hey ki pari aap apne real parents dikhao

  35. snehar jain says

    When will you make Q andA video

  36. Coc Play Account says


  37. Akshara Accha says

    Plz aapka no

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