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Radiohead – Ok Computer (Full Album Live)


Happy 20 years, Ok Computer!
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY, USA
December 19th, 1997

Airbag 00:00
Paranoid Android 04:42
Subterranean Homesick Alien 11:07
Exit Music ( For A Film) 15:46
Let Down 20:25
Karma Police 25:35
Fitter Happier 29:47
Electioneering 31:49
Climbing Up The Walls 35:45
No Surprises 40:15
Lucky 44:05
The Tourist 48:52

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  1. Haltère-ego says

    11:13 best joy lol OAT

  2. creative name says

    Jschlatt is cumming

  3. orpheus 06 says

    a pig, in a cage, on antibiotics.

  4. Kevin Boettger says

    Let Down, one of the most eerily melancholic tunes ever.

  5. DWS Films DWS Films says

    A friend of mine used to say "every child should be given a copy of this album when they are born" I have little else to add

  6. kurtos howsos says

    This album is the perfect balance between acoustic & electronic with a focus on the newly emerged tech of the time, i.e. the internet. Shit's genius; a cultural classic and reference point in human history.

  7. Kevin Boettger says

    Colin's bass really cutting through here. Underrated bass player.

  8. Monky says

    Literally anything happens

    That one girl: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  9. Li Se says

    Definitely the ultimate 90s album!!!

  10. Nick Drummond says

    Anyone know what pedal Jonny is using during each verse in Subterranean Homesick Alien? I'm sure it's a combination of a few.

  11. Leoncio Henriquez says

    have no words to explain what i feel listening this master piece

  12. iexclipse says

    Climbing up the walls before the guitar scream????

  13. Briccio Bello Odales says

    This album is considered one of the best works in the musical field, according to a count of albums, featuring The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, etc. I was surprised because I did not know much about Radiohead, since for me the 70s are the best in musical creations, a unique time and without comparison in creativity. But this Radiohead band appears and it is simply an oasis where the music in current times is, according to my opinion, very, very bad, but Radiohead shows that you can make music in very good taste in these very mediocre times. Great Radiohead, great !!!

  14. Zack Zallie says

    I like how Jonny has an anime girl picture on his guitar body.

  15. fsdafd gxcgfd says

    This album getting me through covid. Doesn't have to be 100% quality, imagination fills in the gaps

  16. Luis Angel Guitars says

    sorry but the vocals sound like crap in this video, love this album tho, insane, like our modern "the wall" or something

  17. Briccio Bello Odales says

    This album is among the best named as influential in world music. Radiohead was definitely established as a cult band.

  18. Dirty girl says

    !14 people thought the dislike finger was a download button.

  19. Frankie Linstrom says

    Did the drummer ever have hair? Lol

  20. steve says

    cigarette lighters held aloft (as opposed to smart phones)….happy days

  21. King Croc says

    this album sucks

  22. Swampy says

    Creep isn't even in here but the YouTube bot somehow put it in the description.

  23. Neon Deity says

    The album name is the ultimate comeback to "Ok boomer"

  24. the professor says

    I now agree that this album is much better than the bends which happens my favorite album then….. so glad to know before i die……

  25. Diego Martínez says

    Thanks for upload!!

  26. Francisco Bertran says

    I think that OK computer as some of the people say, is the dark side of the moon of the 90s, never mind and superunknown are the more metal side of the 90s If You may say… Just making comparisons….

  27. chiefans says

    Incredible to see an entire record meticulously reproduced live on stage. Sound is incredible and the innovation is magic. You cannot overstate the difficulty of pulling this off.

  28. Felipe Martín says

    El mejor disco de la historia

  29. Pasha Happy says

    Hi from 2020!
    Very, very,very nice! Radiohead thank for your music! It always deep in my heart since 1994.

  30. Mario Gabriel Aguilar says

    Exit Music… the best for suicidal

  31. Oranji ii says

    Bro that CR-78 has hands!

  32. SimRacingAddict says

    Oh man…what an amazing show. This is back when they were still playing "heavier". By so far their best era. Just absolute perfection. This record changed my whole life. I've listened to it regularly since 1997 and it is still as good as the first time I heard it. Thank you radiohead for existing.

  33. Joe Chek says

    i listened to this album non-stop in high school. not just one or two songs at a time, but the whole way through. often I'd be reading lord of the rings at night in my bedroom. the music always seemed to time up perfectly with the segment i was reading. it got me through a lot of dark and awkward times. this was a magic album for me back then, and still is today. subterranean homesick alien forever holds a special place in my heart.

  34. RunReilly says

    Best Karma Police live

  35. rocknrollrat says

    Ok, Computer

  36. Ralph Brewster says

    Seen them on this tour in Boston. Greatest show I have ever been to. Just awesome.

  37. Ben Maitra says

    The scream at 4:12 is so cool

  38. graham kelly says

    The lead guitar stuff on paranoid android is so far apart from anything else I've heard, it actually is the sound of a paranoid android!!

  39. roberto palma says

    Muy buen álbum me trae mucha nostalgia de la adolescencia ,cuando lo escuché la primera vez me impacto mucho su musica

  40. IZREAL HOLMES says


  41. snazztacular says

    thom: siiiiiilllennnncee
    the crowd: AAAAAAAA

  42. Brighton Easterling says

    This is the sloppiest Radiohead performance I've seen since the mtv beach house, AND ITS STILL FUCKING GREAT

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