Racing Point Deadline Day: What Happens Next?

The ongoing battle over the legality of the 2020 Racing Point car has taken a turn with protesting teams reaching the end of the window to appeal. What happens from here? Will Buxton and Lawrence Baretto explain from on the ground at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

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50 bình luận trong “Racing Point Deadline Day: What Happens Next?

  1. I'm not sure if these comments saying McLaren and William's backing out of the appeal is fishy are serious or joking because we all know they layed off members of staff to cut costs

  2. Its always the same with these crybabies. If someone innovates and you arent able to copy it, they always have to get it banned. And now they want the entire concept of copying to be banned as well? Thats been part of F1 for decades and then they keep on talking about this "DNA of the sport"… Fuck off. This protest only needs to decide one thing: Has the car infringed Mercedes' IP or not? But we absolutely dont want to see any general change here. If McLaren or Williams or anyone else copies the car next and they succeed, fine by me, copying isnt easy. And if Ferrari and Renault are gonna cry even more, even better, fuck them. Those two have absolutely no right to complain about others cheating.

  3. Naw, Dat cnt Fly. Build Ur Own Chassis, gt a Engine. Cnt b jst doin an Xct copy. Evrybdy copy sm Idea n design their tk n it. Dat's bn lk dat. So No, Racg Pt cnt gt away w dat n Merc 2 4 sellg Info. Fine Both a dem n tk pts. Sad 4 Ballsman Hamilton, well, No. They tk Constructors pts. There. Nuff said.

  4. So apparently these teams don't want 'copy cat teams' as they fear for the integrity of the sport, but they didnt give a shit when Hass came into F1 & basically purchased 2 ferraris & changed the livery 😂 the only reason they are appealing is because RP are competitive, if they were running at the back they wouldn't have appealed. Dont give me the shit about integrity when its really just about them teams losing championship points to another. Also because Ferrari have appealed maybe some old dirt about last years engine is going to be brought up 👀 that would be very interesting.

  5. The sports and its politics are pathetic. Mercedes bullying every customer team. Suddenly engine power modes are removed. Clean slate needed . FIA needs to go. Ferrari most underperforming team and yet get payments for ‘historical contribution’ . FIA is a joke. Ferrari should actually be fined for bringing the sport into disrepute.

  6. basically Mercedes created a competitive team to steal their competitors wc points while they cruise at the front. They're doing what they want in F1 and there's nobody to put things in order.

  7. It’s cheating. And that’s all there is. What was the difference between Mercedes actual PARTS and the Ferrari drawings that Mclaren had almost 20 years ago.

  8. Oh gawd can we just race already?

    Put cars on track and race. I don't wanna hear all this crap.

    Copying has been going on forever in one form or another.

    Who copies who, who copies what, how did they copy what, lalala….within the FIA regulations and or guidelines lalalala.

    Borrriiiiiiiiiiiiing. Race. DAMN EET!

    Get cars on track and race. Catch up to competitors OR NOT.

    Question: How could the car come this far and fall through the cracks of the FIA rules and regulations if it is indeed "illegal"?

    Meh. Whatever. This seems like unnecessary DRAMA. IMHO.

    RACE. This is what this sport is about yes? Go Racing or just go home I guess.


  9. If Stroll wins in court because he has more money I will give up F1. If he has that much money why not pay to design his own stuff.
    And, the way he makes his money is, to me, nauseating. Fashion. Planet destroying vanity by shallow superficial twits who think buying something new, fresh from a child slave labor market makes them better people.
    Nope, all scumbags.

  10. Renault will be in big trouble if every team starts to have a B team , they aren’t competitive at all imagine Toro Rosso getting a Redbull Chassis next season , Renault will be back markers

  11. F1 already isn't a true constructors championship, with over half the grid not making their own engines, hybrid systems or gearboxes, some using other teams' suspension, brake ducts and whatever else we don't know about on the RP or Haas for example.

  12. Yes cause what this sport needs is to be run just as well as the Ferrari team is being run. Cars have been copied for decades, but now suddenly its a huge issue? So what happens if 2 or more manufactures design parts of their car almost identically without them even knowing? What happens, the first car on the track gets to keep the parts where as the other teams with very similar ideas and parts need to go back to the drawing board and rebuild? It's completely laughable.

    Also now when the sport is in need of saving itself to become actually interesting and fun to watch for the gernal viewer, we now are facing the prospect of the races ending but no one even mowing if the results will stand. Its getting to the stage you couldn't even make it up anymore.

  13. The germans arrived and is ok to race as long as they are the winners. Mr Stroll father will pay for his son to win. Next step for lance … mercedes 🙂

  14. I think it should be allowed to copy from other teams, and the copying should be fine in certain areas,and punished in certain areas so cars can compete better with each other,why teams must spend a lot of money to find a tech or upgrade that is already found by other teams,China did not waste time they copied technology and upgraded it and invented better ,do not force teams to reinvent the wheel

  15. After watching ChainBear's video on it and having it explained to a dope like me I honestly think the Tracing Point car should;
    1. Be forced to use different rear brake ducts. The front I get. They bought front and rear brake ducts last year from Mercedes when it was legal but only used the front one on the car last year. So the rear shouldn't be allowed to be grandfathered in for this year as a result because it wasn't used.
    2. Have a full investigation launched into it's internal specifications to determine if there are any other things that it copies from Mercedes or might have been purchased from Mercedes.
    Cheating like this, or bending the rules, shouldn't be up to the teams to protest to try get enforcement. What in the fuck is the point of having a governing body like the FIA if they're not going to govern the sport when there have been rule violations? Regardless of if it falls into a grey area and they did a terrible job of making the rules explicitly known.

  16. Ferrari and Renault 😂 cleanest teams that there is 😂 haha pointing fingers for others while in the past those two have done what they have done several times. (Illegal cars, asking someone to hit wall, burning oil/fuel too much, assistested brake biases etc etc)

  17. This whole thing reminds me of that tire story in 2003 where Ferrari got Michelins tires banned which led to that amazing press conference where Ross Brawn had to tell a journalist to stop laughing😂

  18. The concept of “constructor” is passé. We need better, cheaper, harder to drive cars and racing. Satellite teams make Moto GP interesting and less impossible to young riders…F1 needs to get into the modern world…

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