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Racing My EVIL TWIN In Tower Of Hell! [ROBLOX!]


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  1. HappyBlack says

    5 – 3, My evil twin lose! Thank you for idea foolzy, subcribe to squid magic now!

  2. Luxurious Pooh says

    Vid idea: play toh with click to move

  3. crazy boi YT says

    realized wait in the pic u were scared but ur acting ur so brave •>•

  4. Irish says

    A lot of you are asking the song
    So heres the link 🙂


  5. GDV says

    galing mo haha

  6. Abraão Da Silva says

    Can u 1v1 oofy

  7. Ken Chen says

    Video idea: Racing RenLeaf / Pinkleaf
    if pinkleaf wants to race

  8. Mitch21 Pro says

    What is the first SONG called in the begginin of vid

  9. NaZzY ML. says

    washout idol

  10. GHOSTY BOI says

    Can you list the song names?

  11. Lance Dela Pena says

    u are really the best in tower of hell

  12. RobloxBeast Gaming says

    i think here evil twin is his old brother

  13. Vino Raditiya fairuz says

    What you inspired to skin roblox the color purple

  14. Micko Indino says

    Race Pink leaf

  15. Summer Ren HereYT says

    He speaks tags ;-;

  16. michel galagnara says

    Whats the name of the song in 1st round?

  17. Marvs Vergel says

    Is this a copy from squid magic

  18. nora saturdaya says

    If i meet his evil twin im gonna kick his ass ???

  19. XItz Light PlayzX says

    I remember that fan from the other vid lol

  20. Kim Senpai says

    Idea: Build tower of hell in piggy build mode ?

  21. joshen plays roblox says

    hi i want to ask if you're filipino

  22. Mara Balas says

    Thanks for keeping the TOH community safe from your evil twin. I’ll play TOH tomorrow knowing that my game is protected by HappyBlack. ??????

  23. Atomic Plays Roblox says

    0:45 what music is that?

  24. Itz' Playful says

    Idea-Do shift lock only BUT you have to angle your camera side ways the whole rounds (But climbing ofc or ot will be impos)

  25. Dark Master glitcher green says


  26. Dark Master glitcher green says

    Happy who is the black

  27. DIMASrg 136 says

    House Tour

  28. fadhil kurnia says

    Happy what song is this i been searching for this and i cant find it pls what song is this

  29. IsAGod Zed says


  30. Jastine De Jesus says

    Bruh i can chat seems you guys are friends

  31. Matthew Mallari says

    Hey happy black I hive a Challenge for you play tower of hell with mobile can you do this please???

  32. mk 2 says

    Idea: if u die shift lock

  33. TAVN NOW says

    Wow it's not bad
    But must have been challenging ?

  34. scarLx3 says

    What was the song in the 1st and 2nd round?

  35. Felicity Moya says

    Evil Happy Black:*Im going to win…first round *dies*?

  36. AnimatorMan says

    U are one of THE best tower of hell YouTuber it is amazing how fast your community is growing, road to a million subs you will get there soon, happy black best YouTuber 2020

  37. True_Azure says

    Happs, i got to 80+ on ttoh cross handed

    Are you proud of me?

  38. SOSO Alharby says

    Happy black are you otako

  39. KƏNDØ PLAYS says

    Happy 150k happy black


    Yay you won

  40. Hassan Hob says

    Who name you dad

  41. Hassan Hob says

    Hi happy black who your dad

  42. xxnightcore_ninjaxx says

    congrats on 150k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. xxnightcore_ninjaxx says

    its totally not alfusa

  44. Baby ッ says

    Even my good twin is makes me think he’s evil :O

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